Atha Stock: A Brief Guide

Atha stock

Are you into investment?

Obviously, yes, that is why you are searching for ATHA stock. It is really great that you are considering gathering as much information as you can. Before risking your hard-earned money, it is a must to check the characteristics of the thing where you are planning to put your money. 

As an investor, you also should explore all the options that you have access to. And at present, you will get more than enough options to invest in. But you might have a unique purpose for investment

That is why I am here to assist you with some details about ATHA stock and Atha stock forecast. 


What Is Atha Stock? 

What Is Atha Stock?

If you are in the stock market for a quote time, you might have understood that different companies have their stocks on Wall Street and their stocks also come with different names. Just the way, the name of Tesla Inc. stock is TSLA. 

Now, ATHA is the NASDAQ of Athira Pharma. That means if you want to buy the shares or stock of Athira Pharma, you need to invest your money in ATHA stocks. 

Athira Pharma: All You Need To Know

Athira Pharma: All You Need To Know

Athira Pharmacy runs with the motto of advancing new therapies for neuronal health. As per them, they are is a company of late clinical-stage biopharmaceutical which is particularly focused on developing small molecules in order to restore neuronal health along with stopping neurodegeneration. 

Their novel small compounds are particularly designed to act on a naturally occurring mechanism in order to repair along with restoring neuronal health. 

Some of their recognizable trails are;

  • Perkinson’s Disease Dementia and Dementia with Lewy Bodies Trial. 
  • Alzheimer’s disease trials. 

The very name Athira is derived from the word Athir, which means the energy which reaches everyone. Just like that, their mission is also to develop therapies which will be able to reach and also positively impact everyone. 

At present, Athira is working to advance its very own lead therapeutic candidate, fosgonimeton (ATH-1017), which is a novel small molecule. This specific molecule might be the answer to Perkinson’s disease dementia, Alzheimer’s, and dementia with Lewy bodies. 

The Overall Performance Of ATHA Stock

The Overall Performance Of ATHA Stock

When you are thinking about busing any type of stock, it is obvious that you will think about the overall performance of the stock. The same goes for ATHA stock as well. If you are interested in it, I know you also have an eye on the overall performance of this stock. The best way to keep up with whatever is happening is to keep an eye on the ATHA stock news and ATHA stock twits. 

So, let’s have an insight into this stock. It was 1st December 2020 when the Atha stock price was at its peak with an amount of 34.2500. We know it is an excellent option for those who have invested in it. 

After that, the stock value started to decrease. There were some ups and downs. Things have been going really haphazardly during the time from the end of 2020 till now. 

But, from the very start of 2020, the graph is showing a stable line once again. 

If we take a closer insight only this year, 2022, we will see that the ATHA stock has shown its peak on 28th march 2022 at 13.3000. Compared to the previous peak of 2020, it was simply none. But this is the best performance of ATHA this year. 

Then from 13th June 2020, it fell down with a smooth slope, and on 20th June, it reached 2.7400. Then on 18th November 2022, it was 3.2200.

Here I am sharing a summary chart of ATHA stock, with the necessary details as of 18th November 2022. 

Previous Close3.0800.
Bid0.0000 x 800.
Ask0.0000 x 1000.
Day’s Range3.0850 – 3.3100.
52 Week Range2.5300 – 14.9200.
Aveg. Volume248,421.
Market Cap121.81 million.
Beta (5Y Monthly)3.06.
PE Ratio Or TTMNA.
EPS Or TTM-1.7800.
Earnings Data10th November, 2022
Forward Dividend and YieldNA.
Ex-Dividend DateNA.
1y Target Est11.75.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

I have included almost every piece of information that you need to know about the ATHA stock. Still, when it comes to stocks, there is nothing like enough information; the more you will know about a stock, the better your investment decisions will become. 

That is why I am answering some of the most common questions that a lot of people ask about ATHA stock or Athira Pharma. So, it will be best to answer those questions when I am talking about ATHA stocks. 

Q1: Is Athira Pharma A Good Stock To Buy?

As per the ratings of 2 Wall Street Analysts, the analyst rating consensus of Athira Pharma is a “Moderate Buy.” But if you are okay with long-term planning, you can give it a try though. 

Q2: Why Is Atha Stock Dropping?

If you keep yourself updated with whatever is happening on Wall Street, you might have seen that the stock of Athira Pharma or NASDAQ: ATHA has gone down really recently. It happened after the company announced the result from a phase 2 clinical trial for its latest drug for treating mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. The result failed to reach statistical significance.

Q3: What Does Athira Pharma Do?

Athira Pharma, they are a late clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is solely focused on developing small molecules in order to restore neuronal health along with stopping neurodegeneration. With their product candidates, they are aiming to offer rapid cognitive improvement and also alter the course of neurological diseases with a novel mechanism of action. 

Final Call

As per the traditional investors, ATHA stock has the potential to boost at any time. But looking at the latest value graph, I can not say whether it will be a good choice to invest your money here. Especially after the global Coronavirus pandemic, the entire financial sector has changed or shifted widely. 

So, if you are thinking about investing in ATHA stock, I will recommend you plan your investment wisely. From person to person, the requirements and purpose differ; there is no thumb rule that will go for everyone. 

So, take your time, read the market, analyze it wisely, and then make the ultimate decision.

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