What Is Global Funds? How To Invest In It?

global funds

The best way to keep all of your money safe and growing is through a diversified portfolio. You can diversify your investment throughout different industries, categories, and financial instruments. 

But don’t you think diversifying your portfolio worldwide would be even more beneficial for you? Global funds ( not to be confused with international funds) make it easier for investors to diversify their investment portfolios worldwide and across different industries.     

These funds are passively managed. As a result, you can focus your investment on single or multiple asset classes. So, if you are interested in investing in such a fund, this article might help you. Here I have discussed global funds and how to invest in them. 


What Are Global Funds?

What Are Global Funds?

Global funds allow investors to invest in industries and companies anywhere in the world. The countries include the investor’s own country. The global mutual fund is an ETF that intends to locate the best investments from the worldwide universe of securities. 

This investment mode provides investors with a diversified portfolio, and their funds can be focused on a single asset or multiple assets. SomeSome facts of the this funds mitigate the risk of investment while giving rise to some additional ones. 

The investment regions are usually identified as –

  • Developed markets
  • Emerging markets 
  • Frontier markets

The first developed market represents companies with a mature economy and infrastructure. The Emerging markets provide immense opportunity for ROI. On the other hand, the frontier markets pose the highest risk on investment, and this market is the least developed in the world. 

Global Funds: Key Takeaways It is a mode of investment that allows investors to diversify their portfolios across the world. The companies also include the companies located in the investor’s own country. This mode of investment can identify the best investment from the worldwide universe of securities. Varied investment categories help mitigate the risk of inflation and concentration risk involved in investment. The investment fund might focus on a single asset or on multiple assets. You can invest in global small-cap funds as well as bigger companies. 

If you plan to diversify your fund across the world and earn a higher return on investment, this is a prolific investment vehicle to consider.

Global Funds Features 

I believe understanding the features of this mode of investment will simplify it for you. Here are some features of the global mutual funds that you need to know –

Geographical Diversification 

Geographical Diversification

Investors looking for a diversified investment mode can benefit from farms in different countries. A wide and varied range of securities in different countries makes global fund investments genuinely diversified. In addition, you can mitigate the concentration risk to a massive degree by investing in global mutual funds. 

Risk Involved 

Risk Involved

Global fund investment risks depend mainly on the country’s market conditions and macroeconomic factors. The different market categories (developed, emerging, and frontier markets) help you choose the market promising a healthy return. 

When investing in this funds, you should understand the currency risk and invest accordingly. 

Inflation Hedge

Inflation Hedge

Investors looking for ways to hedge against inflation may profit from investing in global mutual funds.

Tax System

Tax System

These funds are considered as nonequity funds for taxes. Here is how the global equity funds are taxed. 

  • When you sell your assets within three years of purchasing them, your gains will get added to your taxable income. These will be taxed according to the applicable tax slab. 
  • If you sell the units three years after the purchase, then your gains will be taxed at twenty percent with indexation benefits. 

Pros And Cons Of Global Funds 

Different modes of investment have their own types of benefits and drawbacks. Here are some benefits of investing in global funds and some of its cons. 


  • You can invest in some of the highest-growing markets in the world.
  • Investors insulate themselves against the rise and fall of the markets in their own countries. 
  • The returns in such cases are usually healthy and hence worth the investment. 


  • The global market is vast, and you might not be aware of all the different market risks. Different nuances affect the global market in different countries. 
  • Change in the rate of currency exchange might put your portfolio at risk in the relevant countries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The previous sections should clarify the basic idea about this funds to you. However, if you have further queries, then the questions and answers below might help. 

1. Who Owns Global Fund?

Under Bill & Melinda Gates, the global funds started back in 2002. Bill Gates was the first donor to the fund, and he is the owner of the Global Funds. This charitable foundation has helped many countries with deaths related to AIDS. However, this is not the Global fund we are talking about. 

2. Is It Good To Invest In Global Funds?

Investors looking to decrease the local market risks may use global funds. It helps to diversify your portfolio geographically. There is a probability of long-term growth of your investments in global mutual funds. Also, these funds are passively maintained and take a lot of trouble off your shoulder. 

3. What Are The Five Types Of Global Mutual Funds?

Here are five types of global mutual funds –
⦿ ELSS Mutual Funds. 
⦿ SIP Mutual Funds.
⦿ Hedge Funds.
⦿ Index Funds.
⦿ Debt Funds.

4. What Is The Difference Between International Fund And Global Fund?

Knowing this difference is extremely important if you are from the US. International funds mean investing in stocks in non-US companies. But in global funds, you can also invest in stocks located in the US. 


The key intent behind a global fund investment is to escape the risk involved in the local market. Also, the difference in the value of the currency in different countries also helps you earn higher returns. The option to geographically diversify your investment through global funds makes it a great mode of investment. 

If you are interested in investing in global funds, you should do so only after considering all the risks and understanding the profit margin. I hope that this article was helpful. Please comment below for further queries.

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