RKLY Stock: A Brief Guide

RKLY Stock

Before we can start talking about RKLY stock and everything that you need to know about the same, let’s talk a little about just RKLY. What is RKLY? What’s the company all about? Trust us, you can’t invest in a stock just because the odds suddenly seem to be in your favor. So it’s always best to obtain the necessary information before you can take the decision to invest. 

Then let’s get started…shall we? Keep reading and stick around to all that you need to know about RKLY stocks!


So What Is RKLY Stock? Who Are Rockley Photonics?

As we just mentioned, let’s keep RKLY stock on the side and talk a little about Rockley Photonics. So without wasting any time, just scroll down to find out more about this company. 

Answering Who Are Rockley Photonics!

Answering Who Are Rockley Photonics!

Any RKLY stock discussion is incomplete without shedding light on this company first. For the ones who didn’t know, Rockley Photonics is an integrated photonics module supplier and chipset developer for different high-volume communication and sensor products. 

The year was 1988 when Dr. Andrew Rickman, a leading pioneer in the world of silicon photonics, founded Bookham Inc. This was the first company to make a silicon photonics commercial. The Bookham platform for silicon photonics went on to spearhead the fundamental innovation in the field of photonics. 

This, in turn, enabled the large-scale manufacture of silicon waveguide-enabled products or devices. Naturally, the company landed up with a leading IPO or Initial Public Offering in 2000. 

Later in 2008, Dr Andrew Rickman was Kotura’s chairman. Kotura was known for driving key advancements during the integration of various high-speed devices within silicon photonics. During Rickman’s chairmanship, the company was sold successfully to another company called Mellanox Technologies.

So, around 2013, Rockley Photonics was launched by Rickman with the singular vision of building a unified process for silicon photonics, engineered from scratch specifically for large-scale manufacturing. Starting from consumers to all the communications, the core capabilities of the company were made keeping in mind all it is market applications. Now that the company has successfully done crazy development of their core technology, Rockley Photonics is now working on productizing all its innovations with the help of leading faces from several high-growth markets. 

A Little More About Rockley Photonics:

A Little More About Rockley Photonics:

Investing in your first RKLY stock is serious, investing in stock is serious, especially the first time. So, just to be sure, here’s some more information about the brand! 

With the power and flexibility of a platform that’s unique in terms of driving several applications, the mission of Rockley Photonics is to become one of the leading suppliers of integrated modules and optical chips across several markets globally. The primary focus of this company is on sectors like

  • Wearables, 
  • Machine vision, and
  • Healthcare. 

It is the hyper-scale connectivity in terms of data that enables these sectors to work together seamlessly. This naturally makes it more interesting for a company like Rockley. Since the company has been prioritizing high-volume applications from the beginning, they have now successfully built an entire manufacturing ecosystem for achieving rapid scalability. 

Their driving mission? “Photonics as pervasive as micro-electronics.”

Rockley At A Glance:

Yes, the RKLY stock ticker is important to know, and we have complete faith that you are aware of the same! But you know what’s more crucial? Points that can make you invest or purchase a few stocks!

So, presenting Rockley Photonics at a glance,

  • First and foremost, Rockley Photonics has developed this kickass sensing platform for targeting applications in different sectors like consumer wellness and health. This has resulted in the company boosting a solid increase in terms of application capabilities and that too for multi-modal, noninvasive biomarker monitoring.
  • Developed from scratch on the company’s highly disruptive technology dealing with silicon photonics, Rockley delivers peerless and compelling sensor size, power, density, resolution, and performance.  
  • Rockley Photonics has managed to actively contract an exponentially growing customer base for consumer electronics which commands over 60% of the wearable and smartphone markets collectively. 
  • Rockley Photonics has built an entire manufacturing ecosystem accompanied by its proprietary processes, wholly owned for achieving rapid scalability.

Now, if you thought our number game was failing, here’s what you need to know! 

$48B+Healthcare TAM
60%Contracted with wearables and smartphone market.
200Patents + 292 applications that are pending
8+Years invested in product development

Moving On To RKLY Stock: All That You Need To Know!

So if you have managed to stick around till now, doing your research on RKLY stock and everything that the company is doing, then you have to keep reading. Because things are about to get interesting, and we are going to get down to business! So here we go!

Stock Quote:

It is difficult to obtain the latest RKLY stock price, but that holds true for most things in the world of investments. But just to give you an idea, here’s what the deal looks like. 

Change+0.00% Change+0.47%
Today’s Open$0.37Previous Close$0.34
Intraday High$0.37Intraday Low$0.31
52 Week High$7.5052 Week Low$0.28

Stock Chart:

Now, this one can prove to be very helpful if you are trying to obtain information on the RKLY stock forecast. In fact, past data always plays an important role in anyone’s decision to invest. If you see that the date is showing the unreliability of the stock, then as a newcomer, there’s no point taking a risk when even the numbers are pointing out otherwise! 

So here’s all that you need to understand how the RKLY stock has performed in the past!


And It’s A Wrap!

So now that you have a fair idea about how beneficial or risky any RKLY stock can prove to be for you, what are you waiting for? The stock market is waiting for you, the scene is set, and your money is waiting. If you are young and just starting out, our advice to you will be to do all the research you can before you invest a single penny in any stock!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to tell us what you think about these stocks and your experiences in the world of investments in the comments below.

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