PBIP Stock: A Brief Guide

PBIP stock

So, you want to invest in PBIP stocks? Then this article is for you. Before investing in stocks, there are many small and large details that need to know. Sometimes people get confused by seeing only the chart. 

For example, suppose there is a stock that has been increasing rapidly in the last couple of months. Amateur investors think that it is a good investment. But the reality can be harsh, and within a few days, the stock can give you minus returns. 


PBIP Stock: Backed Company

Before thinking about investing, let’s go through this article for important information.

IndustryThrifts and Mortgage Finance
MarketUnited States

Company Information

Company Information

Investing in stocks is tricky sometimes. So before getting into any details, let’s look into the company’s information. The company name is Prudential Bancorp Inc., and it operates Prudential Bank. Prudential Bank provides different banking services and products. In the middle of this year, the company was acquired by Fulton Financial Corporation. 

So you can say that the company holds the Prudential Savings Bank. The company is great when it comes to using the general public’s deposits to invest in securities and loans. This is how the company is able to make a lot of profit by investing the money in the right places. So, this can be one of the reasons to invest in the stock PBIP.

How The Prudential Bancorp Works?

How The Prudential Bancorp Works?

You should also know how the company works. When you are investing in a stock, that means you believe in the company’s work. So, you must know its processes and how the company is working. If you don’t put your faith in the company, then there is further talk about investing. 

The company accepts money market, interest, and non-interest bearing checking, certificates, and savings of deposit accounts. In addition, the bank gives land development loans, residential loans, construction loans, commercial real estate mortgage loans, lines of credit, home equity loans, and commercial loans. 

The bank is also known to give consumer loans and unsecured loans secured with deposit accounts. When it comes to investment portfolios, the company also gives mortgage-backed securities, offline and online banking services, and ATMs. 

Company Location

Company Location

The main offices are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and have a total of nine other branch offices. The other locations are Philadelphia City, Delaware Country, Drexel Hill, Montgomery Country, and Huntingdon Valley. The main company is Prudential Bancorp Inc, and it was incorporated in 1886. The company started its journey in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

PBIP: Financial Health

PBIP: Financial Health

As you get to know the company details, now it is time to look at the financial data.

General Financial Information

Though there are a couple of data that we couldn’t gather, you can still check the list for basic information.

Revenue$41.29 Million (-18%)
Market Cap$118.94 Million (+38.5%)
Employees90 (-3.2%)
Employees Market Cap$1.32 Million (+43.1%) 
Net Income$7.78 Million (-18.6%)

Revenue Growth

Right now, there is no data of 2022, but you can check the data for the last three years. 

2018$37 Million
2019$47 Million
2020$50 Million
2021$41 Million

In 2019, the company was successful in making its growth up to take up to 30%. But the fall started in 2020, as the revenue growth fell to 7% only, and the fall continued to 2021 also, as they got a negative 18% growth. 

Earning Growth Rate (Per Share)

  • In 2019, it was 38%.
  • In 2020, it was only 4%.
  • In 2021, it was -12%.

As you can see, the growth rate per share is also decreasing.


For any company, there will be liabilities or loans that they give quarterly and half-yearly. Currently, the company has a $165.67 million long-term debt and a $41.12 million short-term debt.


Coming to the most important part is the valuation of the company. You must know that stock prices go up and down, and it works the same as the revenue. But the main thing is whether the company still has value or not. If a company is running in negative numbers but still has the potential, then the return can be profitable enough.

2021 (2nd Quarter)2021 (3rd Quarter)2021 (4th Quarter)2022 (1st Quarter)
Price to Earnings15.5917.5015.6613.81
Price to Sales2.672.942.603.21
Price to Book0.840.910.810.96
Price to Free Cash Flow148.5448.2647.3822.27
Price to Free Tangible Book0.890.960.851
Enterprise Value
Return on Equity4.9%6.0%5.9%-0.4%
Free Cash Flow0.7%2.1%2.1%4.5%
Total Debt$234.30 Million$233.30 Million$207.88 Million$206.79 Million

PBIP Stock Price

PBIP: Financial Health

Here is the list of the stock price of PBIP.


Our Verdict

I will point out mainly two things. One negative and one positive. As you can see that the numbers are a huge restriction for someone to invest in the PBIP stocks. Also, there is no recent PBIP stock news on what will its next move. 

But one thing that I can tell you is that the company that backed the stocks is old, and they know how to deal with the situation. Now it is upto you whether you want to invest or not. 

Please let us know in the comment section below if you want to know anything else.

Thank You.

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