Shahnawaz Alam

Shahnawaz is a passionate and professional Content writer. He loves to read, write, draw and share his knowledge in different niches like Technology, Cryptocurrency, Travel,Social Media, Social Media Marketing, and Healthcare.

Gautam Adani Becomes The Fourth Richest Man In The World– Gives Bill Gates  A Never Seen Competition In The Last 30 Years

It Looks Like Bill Gates has a new competitor for his billionaire throne as Gautam Adani of Adani Groups rises in rank as the...

Elon Musk Breaks The Internet Buying Twitter For $44 Billion; He Says “Free Speech Is Essential To A Functioning Democracy”

Elon Musk has done it again! Musk Breaks the internet by announcing his purchase of the famous social media platform Twitter for $44 billion on...

How To Become A Sales Consultant In 2022 – Best Guide Of 2022

If you want to thrive in the sales and marketing industry, you can seek a sales consultant job. It is a very communicative and...

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