Warner Bros. Discovery And Paramount Global Discuss A Potential Merger

Warner Bros. Discovery And Paramount Global Discuss A Potential Merger

Warner Bros. Discovery has recently held early talks with Paramount Global to discuss a potential merger. The talks can lead to the start of the next chapters for the two entertainment giants. However, the talks can lure NBCUniversal from Comcast as well.

On Tuesday, Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav met Bob Bakish, the CEO of Paramount Global. Both of them met to discuss the merger and what it may look like. However, the discussions between these two media houses will give an idea of where Comcast stands on dealmaking.

However, CNBC explains,

It’s more of a partnership of necessity. Both companies don’t have a clear future competing for content in a streaming-dominated world where Apple, Amazon, Netflix and YouTube owner Google have far larger balance sheets. They just want to survive and boost their share price. But maybe Warner Bros. Discovery would rather merge with Comcast’s NBCUniversal — if Comcast is open to it.

However, there is the possibility of regulatory issues with NBCUniversal. Regulators might not allow Universal and Warner Bros. to form a merger. This is because both entertainment companies have taken the top two positions in the United States by revenue. On the other hand, despite being smaller than Universal and Warner Bros., Paramount still comes within the top five studios.

Apart from that, it is also possible that Comcast wants to hold on to NBCUniversal, and CEO Brian Roberts might not want to double down on legacy media right now. However, as per sources, NBCUniversal is not in merger talks with anyone at the moment. Spokespersons from all three media houses declined to make comments on any of the matters.

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