SNTG Stock: A Brief Guide

SNTG Stock A Brief Guide

So, you want to invest in stocks? Investing in stocks is a great way to be in the market and care about it. Most people who have other professions invest in stocks, and this is their passive income source. In this article, we will be talking about the Sentage stock or SNTG stock and the potential of the stock. Is it worth being in your investment portfolio or not? Let’s find out.

What To See Before Investing 

What To See Before Investing

It seems quite easy to invest in stocks. But there are a couple of things that someone should know if they want to enter the stock market. Before telling you about investment research, let me tell you my story and how did I start investing. The incident took place a couple of years ago.

A friend of mine suddenly called me and started telling me how he made a huge profit by investing in stocks. At that time, I had no idea about stocks and investments. So, I became curious after hearing that he made a huge profit. After that, he was successful in influencing me to enter the stock market. 

He was telling me about a company. He told me that the company’s stock would rise, so we both invested in those stocks. But unfortunately, all our investments were into a big loss. And three years, the stock price was so down that I didn’t even care to sell it. And I checked that a few days ago, it was similar to a zero. 

The moment I came to know that I was at a loss, I started reading about stocks and investments. And after seven years of studying, here I am, investing in stocks. Before planning to invest in a stock, you should always check the company profile, business model, price and revenue history, net income growth, profit margin, and debt-to-equity ratio. 

SNTG Stock: Company Overview

Let’s take a look at the company that backs the SNTG stock. 

IndustryDiversified Support Services
Address501, Platinum Tower, 233 Taicang Road, HuangPu, Shanghai, 200001, China
Phone Number86 21 5386 0209

Sentage Holdings Inc. is one of the biggest financial service providers in China. Sentage Holdings Stock or SNTG stock depends on many different things. The company offers collection management, loan payment, prepaid payment network, and loan recommendation services all over China. The company started to function in 2019 and also launched SNTG stock IPO in the same year. Sentage Holding Inc. is based in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China. 

Trading Data

Average Volume817,416
Previous Close2.41
Shares Outstanding 2.80 Million


TypeCommon Stock Held% of Shares Outstanding Market Value
Public and Other999,00435.68%2.56 Million
Insiders/ Individuals1.75 Million62.36%4.47 Million
Total2.80 Million100.00%7.17 Million


Company NameGuardforce AI Co. LimitedOdyssey Marone Exploration Inc. Performant Financial CorporationCiveo Corporation
IndustryDiversified Support ServicesDiversified Support ServicesDiversified Support ServicesDiversified Support Services
Market Cap9.94 Million57.74 Million178.27 Million396.84 Million

SNTG Stock: Financial Overview

Here are every financial detail that you should know before investing in the stock. Also, you need to understand these details because the SNTG stock price depends on these details. 


Total Revenues6.
Gross Profit6.


Admin and Selling General Expenses4.
Depreciation and Amortization0.2
Operating Expenses4.
Operating Income1.

Earning from Operations

Non Operating Income0.
Income Tax0.
EBT, Incl. Unusual Items1.
Total Earnings1.

Net Income

Net Income1.
Net Income to Company1.
Extra Items1.
Common Items1.

Supplemental Items

Revenue Per Share$3.19$1.98$1.80$0.95
Basic EPS$0.58$0.92$0.79$0.46
Basic Weighted Average Shares2.
Tax Rate25.1%25.0%27.2%NM
Net Income1.

SNTG Stock Forecast

SNTG Stock Forecast

I will talk about two main things. First of all, the stock price is $2.54. And when it started its IPO in 2019, the price was around $175. So you can understand that company is currently at a loss, and there is nothing that the company can do in the upcoming 5 to 10 years. So, if you are thinking of a short time investment, then do not invest.

But, if you are thinking of investing in SNTG stock for a long time, then you can try atleast once. And the best thing is that the company is in its initial stage. So, you can rely on it. 

Our Verdict 

I think now you have a pretty good idea about stock and investing. First of all, research and check all the history that the company has. You should check all details and what are the next moves that the company will have potential. Then try to see all the financial data. Also lastly and importantly, invest in the niche that you do understand.

If you want to know more, feel free to ask in the comment section below. 

Thank You.

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