ALLK Stock: A Brief Guide To About Them

ALLK Stock

Investing in stocks seems very easy. So that you will check the stock price, and if you see the price is increasing, then invest, and if you don’t, then don’t invest. But in reality, investing in stocks is really tricky. First, you need to understand the market, the stock, and the company profile that backs the stock.

In this article, you will learn every important detail about ALLK stock and recent ALLK stock news. So if you are thinking of investing in this stock, then go through the article before you make any decision. 


ALLK Stock: Backed Company

Here are the basic details of the company that backs the stock. Before that, these are the main executives of the company.

⦿ Director and Chief Executive Officer- Robert Alexander, Ph.D.

⦿ President and Chief Operating Officer- Adam L Tomasi, Ph.D., and MBA

⦿ Chief Financial Officer- Herlan Baird Radford III

⦿ Director- Amy L Ladd, MD

⦿ Chairman- Daniel S Janney, MBA

⦿ Independent Director- John P McKearn, Ph.D.

SectorHealth Care
Address975 Island Drive Suite 201, Redwood City, CA, 94065, United States
Phone Number650 597 5002

Company Information

Company Information

The company that backs this stock is Allakos Inc. it is a biopharmaceutical company that develops therapeutics. The main target of the drug is immunomodulatory receptors that are present on immune effector cells in proliferative diseases, inflammation, and allergies. The name of the primary monoclonal antibody is Lirentelimab, the lead monoclonal of the company. The product is in its Phase III stage right now. 

The product is used for eosinophilic duodenitis and eosinophilic gastritis. There is also a product that is in its phase II stage. The name of the product is eosinophilic esophagitis. There are also two products that are in their phase II stage, which are chronic spontaneous urticaria and atopic dermatitis. 

The company is also behind the development of another drug named Lirentelimab. The drug is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal disease, chronic urticaria, severe allergic conjunctivitis, and indolent systemic mastocytosis.  There is a side drug of the same, and it treats inflammatory and allergic diseases. The company started its journey from Redwood City, California, in the year 2012.

ALLK Stock: Financial Health

ALLK Stock Financial Health

As you already get know the basic company details, let’s look into the financial data.

However, there is a little information that we couldn’t gather. But this data will help you to understand the finances. Here you will get to know the allk stock price, and then you can understand how much the allk stock price is today.

Operating Income And Expenses 

Selling Admin and General Expenses3.712.429.651.575.165.4
Operating Expenses22.345.791.4157.1271.5363.4
R&D Expenses18.533.361.9105.5196.3298.0
Operating Income22.345.791.4157.1271.5363.4

Earnings (Continuing Operations)

Interest Expense1.3
Investment and Interest Income2.
Currency Exchange0.30.21.2
Interest Expense1.
Non Operating Income0.
Unusual Items23.843.585.4153.5269.9371.3
Income Tax0.3

Net Income

Net Income to Company23.643.585.4153.5269.9371.3
Common Incl Extra Items23.643.585.4153.5269.9371.3
Net Income23.643.585.4153.5269.9371.3
Common Excl Extra Items23.643.585.4153.5269.9371.3

Supplemental Items

Basic EPS14.542.201.893.105.016.69
Basic Weighted Average Shares1.619.845.249.553.855.5
Diluted EPS$14.54$2.20$1.89$3.10$5.01$6.69
Diluted Weighted Average Shares1.619.845.249.553.855.5
Basic EPS$9.20$1.37$1.18$1.94$3.15$4.10
Tax RateNM
Net Income14.927.253.495.9169.8227.7
R&D Expense18.533.361.9105.5196.3302.6

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

Q1. Is Allk Stock A Good Buy?

Ans: Is Allk Stock A Good Buy?
Allakos Inc is currently in second place by the Zacks Rank, and it is expected that the share will rise. Also, the company is performing better than the average. So, you can expect that the market will rise within a couple of months.

Q2. Will Allk Stock Go Back Up?

Ans: Allakos Stock price prediction is around 440.01%. The current price is $7.05, so you can do the math and get a price prediction for 2024.

Q3. Why Is Allk Stock Going Down?

Ans: The Allakos or ALLK stock fell the last December by 87.5%.  The data has been taken from the S&P Global Market Intelligence. There was a publication of trail data and key treatment, and after that, the company’s share started to fall.

Our Verdict

I will state two main points. First of all the company is new, and has only an experience of a decade. But I can tell you that ALLK stock is rising rapidly compared with other companies. Yes, the last two years were not good, but it has potential. And there is a prediction that the price will rise by more than 400%. 

And the second thing is the sector where the company is working. The competition is not high, so it has a great opportunity. If you want to learn more, feel free to reach us.

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