Walmart Holiday Hours: All You Need To Know

walmart holiday hours

If you want to go shopping at Walmart, it is important for you to know about Walmart holiday hours. This is helpful in case of last-minute shopping. Since Walmart operates daily and is one of the biggest chains of supermarkets, you might wonder, “Does Walmart have holiday hours?”

In this article, we will learn about Walmart holiday hours and the things you will need to know about them. If you are intent on going shopping in Walmart, you will need to consider knowing about Walmart hours Christmas Eve, as well as other Walmart extended holiday hours.


Holiday Hours Walmart: What Is Walmart Holiday Hours?  

Holiday Hours Walmart What Is Walmart Holiday Hours  
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Walmart is one of those stores you can count on to have the least number of holidays. It always got your back on major holidays since you might need to buy essentials on those days as well. Many people like to go shopping on major holidays. Hence they expect stores like Walmart to stay open on those days as well.

Walmart holiday hours are the number of hours Walmart stays open or closed during major holidays in the USA. If you want to visit Walmart on major holidays, you will need to know about the Walmart holiday hours. This will ensure that you will find the store open once you reach there.

You must also know that Walmart hours are limited on holidays, and in some cases, Walmart is fully closed. We will know about the details of Walmart holiday hours in the next few sections of this article.

Walmart Holiday Hours: On What Days Are Walmart Stores Fully Closed?  

Walmart Holiday Hours On What Days Are Walmart Stores Fully Closed 

According to many sources, Walmart generally remains open on major holidays like Independence Day and Easter. However, Walmart recently started of cully closing its stores on Christmas and on Thanksgiving as well. Yes, all Walmart locations in the USA stay closed on Thanksgiving Day as well as on Christmas Day.

However, on other major holidays, expect Walmart to stay open for limited hours rather than stay fully closed. This is because the company knows that people love to go shopping on Holidays. However, to keep the demands of the employees, Walmart stays closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You might ask, “When did Walmart decide to give Thanksgiving Holidays?” The answer to this will be from 2020. Until then, Walmart stayed open on Thanksgiving day. This is because of the offers and the shopping demands on Black Friday. However, with the spike of the Covid-19 pandemic, Walmart started to close on Thanksgiving Day. This was necessary for giving a break to the store employees at Walmart during the heavy impact of the pandemic.

Few Things You Need To Know About Walmart Holiday Hours  

Few Things You Need To Know About Walmart Holiday Hours  
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If you want to know about Walmart holiday hours, you will need to understand what days Walmart operates on different hours. Walmart remains open on Easter and Independence Day. However, on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day, Walmart has different hours.

Here are some of the details that can be beneficial for you if you want to know about Walmart holiday hours:

1. On What Days Are Walmart Hours Different?  

According to The Holiday Hours, a major website that offers details of Holiday Hours of major companies across the US, “Walmart does a significant amount of business during the holiday season, so they tend to stay open throughout the year on major holidays. They are not open every day, though, and do have special hours for specific days of the year.”

In most cases, Walmart does not have holiday hours, but in 2020, due to the demands from the employees, Walmart started to remain closed on Thanksgiving and on Christmas. Only apart from the three days, that is, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, Walmart operates on regular hours.

2. What Are The Regular Hours At Walmart?  

In general, most of the Walmart stores remain open from 6 am morning to 11 pm night throughout the year. Even on major holidays like New Year’s Eve, and Independence Day, Walmart remains open to serve the demands of the buyers.

Whether it is New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Black Friday, Labor Day, or Easter, Walmart is open almost every day. If you want to know about the hours of operation at Walmart on major holidays, consider going through the next section of this article.

3. Does Walmart Have Extended Holiday Return Periods?  

It is common for people to ask whether Walmart provides an extended holiday return period or not. The answer to this will be ‘Yes,’ as Walmart offers an extended holiday return period on Holidays. If you purchase an item from a Walmart Supercenter or from the online store of Walmart from 1st October to 31st December, you can return it till 31st January of the same year. In other cases, too, Walmart offers a 90-day period on selected items. However, you will need to provide purchasing proof.

Walmart Holiday Hours: Day-By-Day Hours  

Here is a tabular description of Walmart holiday hours in general so that you will get a good idea of the hours of operation of Walmart on major days:

DateEventHours of Operation
1st JanuaryNew Year’s DayRegular Hours
16th JanuaryMartin Luther King DayRegular Hours
20th FebruaryPresidents’ DayRegular Hours
7th AprilGood FridayRegular Hours
9th AprilEasterRegular Hours
29th MayMemorial DayRegular Hours
4th JulyIndependence DayRegular Hours
4th SeptemberLabor DayRegular Hours
9th OctoberColumbus DayRegular Hours
11th NovemberVeterans DayRegular Hours
22nd NovemberDay Before ThanksgivingRegular Hours
23rd NovemberThanksgivingClosed
24th NovemberBlack FridayRegular Hours
24th DecemberChristmas Eve12 am to 6 pm
25th DecemberChristmas DayClosed
26th DecemberDay After ChristmasRegular Hours
31st DecemberNew Year’s EveRegular Hours

Summing Up:

Hope you got enough information about Walmart holiday hours and the number of days Walmart operates for regular hours. If you are willing to go shopping at a Walmart store, it is important for you to check the hours. Otherwise, you can see the store as closed. If you have more information about Walmart holiday hours, consider commenting on the section below.

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