Entrepreneurship: Things To Know Before Becoming An Entrepreneur


Generally, entrepreneurship is defined as the process of creating, developing, and managing a business along with the risks involved to make a profit. However, entrepreneurship is not just about the economic factors of a business; it’s more than that. 

From my experience, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle in which you live with an attitude to achieve your vision by perceiving opportunities and dealing with adversities. The vision should be solving a real problem. If you want to become an entrepreneur, you have to look for problems and provide solutions in a consumable form, either product or service. 


Things To Know Before Starting Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? You should learn these things early about entrepreneurship and start your entrepreneurial journey as soon as possible. 

1. Figure Out What Problem Can You Solve

Problem Can You Solve

One of the biggest mistakes that aspiring entrepreneurs make is developing a product without having an actual need.  It is the reason over 40% of products fail, and nobody uses those products. So, you should analyze whether there is an actual need for the product in the real world.

Entrepreneurship is closely related to solving problems. If you create a fantastic product, but it’s not useful in the real world, you will undoubtedly fail. Although failure is a part of the journey, your goal is to minimize the chances of failure. Instead of developing a product, do market research and figure out what problem you can solve for the world. 

2. Don’t Think You Will Become Successful Overnight

Become Successful Overnight

Great things never happen overnight. No matter how small or big the problem is, it requires time to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. Remember, you should not expect that you will achieve what you want quickly. 

There are several uncertainties and challenges you will face in your journey. So, expecting quick results can lead to frustration, and you may be tempted to give up the idea. The majority of the most popular and successful companies take up to 5-10 years to really make a mark. 

3. Find The Right People

One thing for sure, you cannot do everything on your own. Everyone needs help in their entrepreneurial journey. So, you should delegate some of your tasks to people. Sometimes you may have to choose an outsourcing partner

However, you should find the right people. Studies show that more than 30% of businesses fail because they choose the wrong people in their team. As an entrepreneur, you need to ensure that you have the right people in your team.

4. Focus On Your Strength, Not Weakness

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Your success comes from your strength. So, you should focus on and invest most of your time in your strengths. 

For example, if you want to start online services for your retail store, you have the right skills to develop an eCommerce site, but you don’t have the time and workforce to deliver the products. In such situations, you can hire employees for product delivery or use a delivery service. 

However, you cannot neglect or ignore them. You can outsource for your weakness or hire someone who can work it for you. Investing time in your weakness is not a wise decision. 

5. Be Prepared To Face Failure

Remember, failure is part of everything in your life, and the chances are more while you are moving on the path of entrepreneurship. The worst thing that you can do in this journey is failing slowly or late. So, fail quickly and be prepared for the uncertainties. 

You should not only expect failure, but you should also plan for it. Success doesn’t occur when you don’t learn from your mistakes. So, you should keep track of what’s working and stop doing things that didn’t work. 

6. Understand Your Value Proposition

If you clearly don’t know your value proposition, chances are higher that nobody will buy from you. It’s essential to understand and highlight your value proposition or clearly define your unique selling point to be successful in your business. 

Unless you clearly define your USP, how can consumers understand your services? If they don’t know what it is and how it will help them, they will never buy from you. 

7. Everyone Is Not Your Customer

Another essential factor to keep in mind is everyone is not your customer. There’s a popular saying in the field of entrepreneurship that customers are always right. However, the most important thing is everyone is not your customer. 

You should not sell your products or services to customers who are diminishing your business’s profitability. Like there are bad companies, there are also bad customers, and you need to understand it early. Before you judge who is the right customer, you should clearly define your ideal customers. It will make your marketing process easier. 

8. Learn From Other’s Mistakes

No doubt, we all make mistakes and learn from them. However, that doesn’t mean you should only make those mistakes to learn. You can learn from other’s mistakes as well. 

More than 80% of entrepreneurs fail, and you can learn from them. Not only learn from successful businesses, but you should also learn from businesses that failed. The best way to learn from other’s mistakes is by making case studies. It will help you avoid them and save time, money, and resources. You will also 

9. Sales Are The Most Important Part Of Your Business

No matter how wonderful your product is, you cannot survive in the business world if you cannot sell it. It’s quite normal that you may get caught in other processes such as product design, development, planning, etc. 

So, we need to keep in mind that businesses run when sales are on. Remember, the business doesn’t sustain itself because you have great ideas or products, or services. You need to sell them to survive in the market. 

The Bottom Line

Learning about entrepreneurship is just the starting point; you need a lot of experience by experimenting, connecting with people, handling a team, managing your finances, and more. So, if you want to become an entrepreneur, you need to handle multiple aspects. Lastly, don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments section.

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