The Benefits Of RUN ADP

The Benefits Of RUN ADP: A Comprehensive Guide

ADP and RUN consist of two different businesses. ADP functions as an H.R. and payroll service provider to businesses of all sizes.

Small, medium, and large-sized businesses always have different payroll-related needs. Thanks to cloud-based payroll services like ADP RUN, Gusto, and the like, most of these problems have an easy solution now. Popular platforms like U.S. News & Report rank ADP RUN among the top payroll services in the U.S.

However, is ADP RUN as good as they say? What are its limitations? Are there any good features that both small and large-sized businesses can benefit from? Thankfully, there are some benefits to using RUN ADP. Go through this article to find out some benefits of this platform.



Run, powered by ADP, is an H.R. and payroll service provider designed for small businesses and startups with less than 50 employees. We found this option very straightforward and simple while using this H.R. and payroll service provider.

For instance, the pricing plans are very affordable and compatible for small businesses. If your business has less than 50 employees and you hope to grow into a 100-employee-strong startup within a year or so, then this is the platform you should use for your company.

Users get basic payroll services, tax filing, benefits administration, and employee clock-in and clock-out timing for an affordable pricing plan. There are also other plans such as payroll tax filing, contractors’ payment, marketing, etc. Most importantly, as it grows into a larger business, RUN offers customized options according to the company size.

Key Benefits Of Using RUN ADP

Key Benefits Of Using RUN ADP

Here are some key benefits of using the RUN payroll service provider offered by ADP.

Ensure Compliance

One of the key benefits of using RUN ADP is their tax compliance. The platform offers services to businesses in terms of filing and paying the company’s taxes. Smart compliance on ADP is an add-on feature. The feature allows users to stay compliant with the changes in healthcare and payroll tax requirements related changes.

The compliance support can include business tax credits, wage payments, wage garnishments, payroll taxes, contractor management, health insurance, unemployment claims, & employment verification.

Payroll Processing

The basic function of ADP RUN is running payroll. Like many other alternatives or payroll service providers, ADP RUN allows you to pay your US-based employees through direct deposit. You can also deliver the payroll checks to them before each business day.

Although there is a lack of clarity if the 1099s generation is natively possible, users can certainly generate them. There is a separate ADP product called ADP WorkMarket that allows you to manage 1099s separately.

ADP Onboarding

Employers can offer a great onboarding experience to their new hires through the Run ADP payroll and H.R. platform. New hires can fill out their paperwork through the ADP platform before they physically join the company. You can have access to automated workflows through the H.R. integrations. However, these are additional features that you need to pay for.

Tax Filing

The payroll services provided by ADP RUN include automated processes for payroll tax calculations, reporting and filing for W-2 employees, and more. Tax filing has been made easier with the payroll services of ADP RUN.

Time Tracking

Without proper attendance tracking, it is difficult for employers to measure employee performance and calculate their pay accordingly. ADP RUN offers its users an add-on to track employees’ clock-in and clock-out times.

Benefits Administration

Employers can take benefit of employee administration features as an add-on service with any plans of ADP RUN. Here are the different benefits employees get ?


an in-house broker allows employers to buy a group retirement plan. This way, you can manage the benefits through your payroll platform.

Workers’ Compensation 

ADP offers affiliated insurance companies through which you can purchase worker’s compensation.

Health Insurance

employers can also purchase a group health plan through ADP RUN’s affiliated insurance companies. Then they can also manage these benefits through the platform and distribute them to the employees.

Ease Of Use

ADP RUN does not lack in terms of all the payroll service-related needs a small or medium-sized company has. RUN is the smaller variant of the larger and much more complex suite of H.R. and payroll services ADP offers. Hence the platform is suited for both small businesses and larger enterprise-level usages.

Time tracking, expense management, and contractor payment. But beyond payroll and tax filing, most of the company’s functionalities come as add-on features.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of the RUN ADP payroll service platform –


  • The payroll services provided by RUN ADP are easy and straightforward.
  • Tax filing and reports are automated.
  • They provide additional services for marketing and legal assistance a company would require.
  • The plans are Customizable according to your needs.
  • Top legal payroll providers consider the platform a trustworthy one.


  • Users have to pay additional fees for paying contractors.
  • Benefits administration comes as an add-on service requiring more expenses.
  • Users do not easily get a pricing estimation.

RUN ADP Pricing

RUN ADP Pricing

There are four different pricing plans mentioned on the official platform of ADP RUN. The pricing plans are based on the complexity of an employer’s use. However, getting a pricing quotation on the platform will become difficult unless you fill out the pricing form.

The initial pricing for the RUN ADP platform is $79 per month, and the users must pay $4 for each employee. Other plans include enhanced, complete, H.R. Pro, etc. Aside from employee access or onboarding, most of the features come with the Enhanced or the H.R. Pro versions of the ADP RUN payroll service platform.

RUN ADP Customer Reviews   

RUN ADP is one of the most efficient and preferable apps when it comes to payroll processing, tax filing, employee onboarding, or any such benefits. However, none of these would really matter unless it is the customers that are satisfied with its service.

To put more light on this, here are some of the customer reviews that could help you be a better judge of the situation.

?I switched from Paychex to ADP. BEST DECISION EVER it?s been almost two years now, NO ISSUES. Everything has been as smooth as possible. The payroll processing website is easy peezee , I don?t know how it could be any easier… we set up 401k everything is smooth and easy……. PAYCHEX WAS A DISASTER!?

?The company I work for uses ADP, which is a company that allows employees to log in and have access to their payroll information. There is access to earnings, deductions, and all tax information for an employee, including our w2 forms for each year. It?s a really good system that I hope I can have access to wherever I?m employed.?

?We have used ADP for several years now and have always had prompt and courteous service. If ever there was an issue, they were quick to notify us or for them to correct the problem. They even made us aware of offers/programs that we qualified for but didn?t realize we had access. Good job.?

?Other than wearing down my ADP card so thin that I eventually needed to request a new one, I was very pleased with my experience dealing with ADP, both through my previous employer and on my own. The only ?con? that I can think of is that many times I was not able to link the card and bank name to a billing account as a method of it would say something about not accepting pay cards or reload able cards.?

?I have been using ADP for years now for my direct deposits from work. Even though I do not have the original job that I got connected to ADP in the first place, they have been there for me each time I have had to get a new job ready to take my information. Also when it comes to payday I do not have to wait as long for my funds unlike with most banks. I have my money usually the morning of pay as long as there was not an issue with payroll itself.?

Bottom Line

According to the needs of your business, you can customize the pricing plans and go for whichever plan fits your needs and budget. However, despite being too expensive compared to its alternatives, RUN ADP still does not offer features like benefits administration.

If your organization needs a full suite of payroll and H.R. benefits, then other providers like Gusto would be a better fit. But, if you want the payroll service platform to be growingly on par with your organizational growth, then RUN ADP is the one you should get. I hope that you have found the answer to your queries. But if you need any further assistance, please let us know through the comment section.

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Shahnawaz is a passionate and professional Content writer. He loves to read, write, draw and share his knowledge in different niches like Technology, Cryptocurrency, Travel,Social Media, Social Media Marketing, and Healthcare.

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