The Benefits Of Automating Payroll With Netchex: A Complete Review

The Benefits of Automating Payroll with Netchex

Payroll platforms are indeed meant to offer payroll processing and tax filing features. However, Netchex first qualifies itself as a cloud-based HR suite or assistant; then, it goes on with all your employee benefits, tax filing, and payroll processing solutions.

Thanks to this automated payroll processing and tax filing software, you do not have to keep relying on different spreadsheets and complex methods. With Netchex, you can also reduce the time you spend manually inputting additional data for payroll processing.

But is this payroll processing software worth your dollars? Go through this article if you want to know the different benefits and use cases of Netchex.


What Is Netchex?

What Is Netchex

Netchex is a cloud-based HR suite and tax and payroll processing platform known for automating some of your HR and payroll efforts. The platform helps you recruit new employees, onboard, time tracking, performance management, benefits administration, reporting, and analytics.

Also, the platform has a dedicated self-service portal allowing employees to access their information. They can check their PTO requests, leave balance, and more. They also have a service team through their customer service. Also, the pay-as-you-go model of this platform helps many businesses looking for customizable payment options.

Key Features Of The Platform

Key Features Of The Platform

Lots of platforms offer custom fonts and different color schemes. But, honestly speaking, those features are extra or the cherry on top. But, when it comes to major help as a payroll processing software, the features provided by this platform come in really handy. Here are some features you might want to know about –

Easy Onboarding

Small businesses with a short-staffed HR department would love the onboarding process made easy through NetChex. It also feels hectic for a new employee to be bothered by repetitive paperwork that almost never ends. But, thanks to Netchex, you can give your employees a great new start. You can do so by automating some tasks that are repeated; otherwise if done manually. Give them a great new start at your organization through the buttery smooth onboarding process.

Simple Payroll Processing

Your account manager or the HR executive should not keep counting and calculating during a good night’s sleep. If your business relies on manual processes for tax filing, paying salaries, and such, then it is a big problem. With Netchex, you can automate many processes, process payroll, and pay salaries with one click. The employees also can access all the information related to their payroll through this platform.

Tax Automation

Whether creating w-2 forms or filing taxes, Netchex automates your tax-related needs. Also, users get fast tax deductions and tax rates through this platform. The platform’s robust features can file local, state, and federal taxes. Different routine payments and calculations should be automatic, thanks to tax automation.

Time And Attendance

Many organizations have diverse types of employees who are paid differently. Whether your employees are hourly waged employees or salaried ones, you can calculate their payroll using Netchex. The employee integrates employee time and attendance tracking. You can use their time inside the workplace and convert them into salary.

Employee Self Service

A lot of your employee management, benefits administration, and payroll-related issues get solved through the self-service portals. It is common for payroll service providers to offer self-service portals nowadays. Netchex is no exception in that case.

Customer Support

Netchex offers a dedicated team of customer service specialists who will respond to your needs almost 24/7.

Save Time & Expand

The most valuable asset for a business is time. If you are spending a maximum of your time calculating and processing payrolls, then you are not growing your business fast. But, once you automate your payroll processing and tax filing processes, you will have more time to spend on other projects and grow.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of the Netchex platform. You should go through them before making a purchasing decision.


  • The HR and payroll processing services are easy to use with lots of necessary features.
  • Customer support offers value-for-money service.
  • Easy clock-in and clock-out information tracking.
  • Simple and accessible employee information portal.
  • Simple onboarding process.
  • The platform offers cost-effective service to the users.


  • Not too tech-savvy users might get confused about finding different tools on the platform’s interface.
  • Users get logged out from time to time while using the Netchex platform. This can be a little annoying for the user.

Netchex Pricing

Netchex Pricing

The starting pricing plan for the NetChex payroll and HR solution is $12 per month. However, the pricing model is complicated, and there is no flat payment mode users can rely on. There are four different pricing plans, and each of them adds different features little by little.

The four plans are named –

  • Core
  • Connect
  • Comply
  • Complete

But you have to input your company’s information and the number of users you have when you want to get a pricing quote. The Core plan only comes with payroll processing and tax filing. However, employee onboarding and other features would require you to switch to the later plans.

Netchex Reviews

Here are some of the most popular reviews on the website of Netchex which are proofs of its effectiveness.   

“It makes my life easy!

Their Customer Service and Support are the best I have seen, both in knowledge and friendliness. Their product is super easy to use.

If I had to come up with a con, their custom reports could be a little more user friendly. The good news is, if you can’t make your custom report do what you want, Customer Support will.”

John N.

Senior Director of Corporate Administration


“Netchex has so many learning tools, one-on-one training, and webinars to help you learn the products with a dedicated team of customer care representatives that are always willing to go above and beyond to provide knowledgeable instruction and advice. We couldn’t have accomplished the growth in our company without these products. Our company goal is to be the leading employer in our area, and Netchex/Hireology has been a huge factor in providing tools to make that happen.

Unfortunately, Axiom couldn’t compete with Netchex’s features that encompassed so many of our needs. We were not experiencing the value or expected level of client customer service that was expected for the price we were paying.”

Jen M.

Payroll Benefits Administrator


“Netchex is the easiest payroll software to use that I have encountered. It is like no other.

Netchex is a very easy to use program that is also very accurate. I would recommend it to any dealership/ service department.

I have zero complaints! I’m saddened that my company no longer uses this program as it was amazing.”

Samantha W.

Service Advisor


“The experience we were sold and the experience we received have been in polar opposition. The sales team was involved and detailed but the staff at Netchex appear to be not well trained and far from experts in payroll and HR processing. Management will address concerns but there is no follow up and issues persist from month to month and years. The entire experience has been very disappointing and challenging. We moved to Netchex to create efficiencies within our limited staff responsibilities and have ultimately created more work for accounting, payroll and HR. We have zero confidence in the ability of the Netchex staff and software to provide accurate results and recompute everything.”

Rachel B.

Director of Finance

Hospital & Health Care

“Customer service has always been exceptional! Terrific program and worth the price.

Payroll and benefits. Integration back in was not easy. Today, the implementation of programs is smoother, with many walk-throughs and support.

Benefits have always been my qualm since 2017. Benefits overhaul has been on the roadmap way too long.”

Jennifer S.

Human Resources ManagerAutomotive

Netchex Alternatives

Netchex Alternatives

However, if you feel like using other similar services, then you can try out the suggestions listed below –

Paychex Flex: Paychex Flex offers all your payroll, tax filing, and benefits administration-related help.

RUN ADP: RUN ADP is also a flexible payroll and HR platform that allows you to pay your employees and file taxes for them.

Gusto: If you need a platform rated at a flat monthly price, then Gusto is the one you are looking for.

Bottom Line

Employers with hourly and monthly paid employees in varying numbers can choose the NetChex employee payroll service. The pricing calculator might be helpful for businesses that do not want to pay a flat rate.

Also, all the features and benefits provided through the platform help the platform greatly. If you are looking for a payroll processing platform that also answers your HR-related needs, then you can use Netchex.

I hope that this article was helpful. However, if you need any further assistance with the same, you can let us know through the comment section.

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