Top 15 Money Earning Apps – Best Of 2023

Top 15 Money Earning Apps – Best of 2023

Getting a job is not the only way to earn money. There are plenty of other ways to earn money. One of them is through the money earning apps. 

The internet is swarming with apps that let you make money online without breaking a sweat. 

You can download and install the alternative that suits you the best and starts earning money. If you are looking for such apps, you can follow this article for the best recommendations. 


Best  Money Earning Apps Of 2023

You can make money from three different types of money earning apps. Most money making apps use three other models allowing the users to make money.  Here are the three different types of these apps –

Survey App: these apps allow you to take surveys and make money online. 

Games And Task Apps: These apps allow you to play games and earn money from the games. 

Referring App: The money earning apps often want to use the referral model to help you make money. You can make money by referring to the app to your friends and family. 

Here are some of the best apps for the same –

Earn Karo is the easiest app to earn money online. It is the best app to earn money.


Launched 2019
Download 1M+
Available On Android 

Earn Karo is one of the best money earning apps you can use in 2023. The app requires you to check and explore the deals on different products online and share them with your contacts. If you are a student, a housewife, or someone trying to make money by working part-time, this app is a good option for that. 

The app needs you to share deals from popular eCommerce brands such as Myntra, Ajio, Adidas, and more. You earn money through the affiliate model. When someone buys any product through your link, you earn money in commission. 


Launched 2014
Download 10M+
Available On Android. 

You can make money online by answering some simple questions. TaskBucks is a money making app allowing users to make money through various quizzes they have. You will earn coins as points for each question answered. Later, you can convert your points into money and withdraw. 

The app also allows earning through referrals, and you can also win free talk times by playing games on this app.

3. Roz Dhan 

Roz Dhan
Launched 2018
Download 10+
Available On Android 

All you need to do is stay active on the Roz Dhan Money making app for online earning. You have to read the news, check their daily horoscopes, complete puzzles, and visit different sites to earn money. 

You can earn by playing the games on this app. Users earn a welcome bonus of 50 rupees.  Also, when you complete the instant tasks, you can earn 300 rupees, and they are ready for 

4. Swagbucks 

Launched 2013
Download 5M+
Available On Android 

Swagbucks is a survey app allowing you to make money by discovering different products and content. You can earn cash and gift cards on different products using this app. Swagbucks is one of the best money earning apps online. Users redeem more than 10000 gift cards every day. You also earn a welcome bonus of $10 just for joining the Swagbucks community. 

5. Current Rewards 

Current Rewards
Launched 2018
Download 10M+
Available On Android, iOS

Wouldn’t it be amazing to earn money for listening to your favorite songs? The Current Rewards app allows you to earn money for listening to bands and different radio stations. However, if you want to increase your earnings, you have to play additional games and surveys on the app. You can earn $600 yearly by using this app.


Launched 2014
Download 1Cr+
Available On Android 

You have to play games, watch videos, and play tombola to earn money using PocketMoney. This is another great online money-making app you can try on Android and iOS. The app allows you to earn around 100 dollars by using it properly. If you want some extra money for the mobile recharges. 

7. Cointiply 

Launched 2020
Download 5L+
Available On Android 

Contiply lets you earn with Cryptocurrencies. If you are a crypto investor, now is your chance to gather up some Bitcoin using this money making app. You must complete daily surveys, play games, and watch PTC ads and videos to earn money using this app. 

8. Google Opinion Rewards 

Google Opinion Rewards
Launched 2017
Download 5Cr+
Available On Android 

It is not a scam to earn money through the money earning apps that put forward surveys. But when you use apps like Google Opinion Rewards, you don’t have to worry about reliability. Once you use this app to fill out surveys, Google will reward you with $1 on your Play store account. 

9. Streetbees 

Launched 2015
Download 10L+
Available On Android 

Streetbees is an AI-powered app you can use to make money online. This money making app requires you to fill out different surveys. A 3 to 4 minutes survey allows you to make Rs.8 to Rs.10. The longer surveys of 6 to 10 minutes let you earn Rs. 50. The app wants you to share your daily activities including videos, photos, and more. 

10. The Panel Station 

The Panel Station
Launched 2014
Download 10L+
Available On Android 

Do you like to fill out surveys, then The Panel Station is the app to try for making easy money. Different organizations like the Government, companies, and communities put forward surveys for you to fill out. You usually have to spend 30 seconds to 10 minutes completing a survey. You can definitely use this online money making app.

11. Earneasy  

Download 50L+
Available On Android, iOS

EarnEasy gives you rewards in your wallet, or through UPI or bank transfer for downloading the apps they offer on their list. They also provide rewards for doing mobile recharges, or booking train tickets through their app. You can earn up to 3000 rupees every day. 

12. Taurus 

Launched 2021
Download 1M+
Available On Android, & iOS

There are no ads or interruptions on the Taurus app. If you are looking for good money earning apps online there Taurus is a good option. You can earn by playing games only for 5 minutes. A reward system for inviting your friends is also there. Also, you can withdraw your money through a bank or UPI. 

13. Kingearn

Download 100K+
Available On Android 

KingEarn is one of the best money earning apps if you love to play games, watch videos, and answer questions. You can potentially earn from $10 to $100 using this app. You can easily transfer your earnings to PayPal or Paytm. 

14. Rupiyo 

Launched 2022
Download 1L+
Available On Android 

You can play games like spring wheels and complete different tasks to earn money on the Rupiyo app. You can also earn real cash on this platform. 

15. Feature Points 

Feature Points
Launched 2013
Download 1 Cr+
Available On Android 

You have to try different apps, shop online and scratch cards to earn some good cah from the Feature points app. This is a really good online money earning app. The app has been around for more than 10 years and they have provided more than $6 million to their users for using it. 

FAQs (Freaquently Asked Questions):-

You can use any of these apps for making money online. However, if you have additional queries, the following questions and answers should be helpful.

1. Which App Gives Real Money?

Ans: You can earn quick money using different apps. There are apps that offer free money based on the different games you play and the products and platforms for your review. Some of these apps are Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Ibotta. You get dollars deposited to your PayPal directly if you use the Rakuten app.

2. Are Free Money Apps Real?

Ans:  You get a small amount of money on real money apps. For that, you have to complete simple tasks like – taking surveys, buying something, or watching videos. It is not easy to make money on these apps and most of them are very much real. Most of the legitimate apps put out information about how they operate. 

3. Which Money App Is Free?

Ans: Cash App is the easiest app for transferring money online. Also, they charge you a very limited amount in fees making it seem very negligible. Also, the app is pretty simple to use which makes it more beneficial to most users. 

Final Words 

Whether you are a student or a working professional, you can use some of these apps to earn money easily. These money makings apps are reliable and safe. No, you will not make a hefty amount of money by using them. But these apps are good for making enough money for any small purchases, ticket booking or mobile recharges. 

I hope that this article was helpful. However, if you have any further queries you can leave them in the comment section.

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