15 Ways How To Earn Money Online Without Investment In Mobile

15 Ways How To Earn Money Online Without Investment In Mobile

So, how to earn money online without investment in mobile?

Have you ever thought that there are so many ways to make money and there is zero investment? You can be a freelancer, so get some extra money. There are people who work full-time jobs and are still doing freelancing work. But to do freelancing work, you need to be an expert in some areas. But, there are others ways where you don’t have to be an expert. You just put in some effort and time, and you will be able to earn money online free. 


How To Earn Money Online Without Investment In Mobile?

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment In Mobile?

Here are the ways that you can do to earn money.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Since the beginning of the Internet, Affiliate marketing has taken place. The marketing was started by Amazon. And right now, almost every company does affiliate marketing to reach small and large markets.

2. Money Blogging

Money Blogging

I have been blogging for the last six years. If you can manage decent traffic, then you will be able to make a handsome amount of money. All you need to do is to write informative blogs, and then do a great SEO. Just make sure that your blog is more authentic and creative than others.

3. YouTuber


Starting a YouTube channel is not a bad idea these days. Most content creators started their careers on social media platforms and then shifted to YouTube. If you can make entertaining videos, you can start a channel at any time. 

4. Freelancing


There are so many websites that can give you freelancing jobs. If you have expertise in writing, designing, developing, market research, data entry, and any work, then you can start taking freelancing work by opening accounts on these websites.

5. Online Surveys

Online Surveys

There are so many websites where you need to take online surveys. The process will take a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes. Different companies need this market research for marketing, and you will get paid for this.

6. Captcha Solver

Captcha Solver

Do you have a couple of hours to solve some captcha? If you can spend solving captchas, then you can make decent money. Normally the market pays around $5 for 100 captchas.

7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

There are jobs where you will be a virtual assistant for your client or clients. The jobs may include research, data entry, app development, coding, website development, digital marketing, and so many other jobs like writing and proofreading. Also, you don’t need to spend a lot of time.

8. Writing Job

Writing Job

If you are a good or even average writer, you can make a minimum of $10 for every 1000 words. All you need is to have an excellent portfolio and experience in writing. There are social media pages, scripts, articles, copies, and so many other writing jobs.

9. Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs

There are websites where you can get paid for simple work like watching videos, downloading apps, checking ads rating, identifying an object, doing research, writing articles, and finding contact details.

10. Online Selling

Online Selling

Right now, there are opportunities to be an online seller. Most e-commerce platforms do not have their own products, so they need to depend on the sellers. You can import cheap products and sell those products online.

11. Domain Trading

Domain Trading

Domain trading is one of the most popular ways to make money, and it is highly profitable. Before buying a domain, you need to do good market research. You can watch videos and start learning about domain trading.

12. Website Flipping

Website Flipping

Website flipping is kind of similar thing to domain trading. In simple words, you have to buy websites at a cheaper rate and sell them at a profitable price. There are platforms like Flippa Empire Flippers and others that allow you to do that.

13. Sell Consultancy and Training

Sell Consultancy and Training

You can be a consultant, or you can start teaching people. There must be something that you are an expert like the stock market, meditation, nutrition, finance, or anything. You can share your training videos or even sell them.

14. Forex and Stock Trading

Forex and Stock Trading

Forex and stock trading is one of the best ways to earn money. But, before you start trading, you need proper knowledge. But, once you have the knowledge, you can make a lot of money.

15. Earning Money App

Earning Money App

There are so many different money-making apps that you will find in the iOS store and Google Play store, where you can make some additional money by doing simple tasks with your mobile phone. 

Why Are The Alternatives A Better Option In Comparison To Investment?

As we know already, investing is one of the riskiest things for you to do. There is nothing more complicated and volatile than the market. There are so many ups and downs that one could easily get trapped. Stock investment is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are starting off fresh and want to earn money from your phone without having to invest, you know of all the alternatives that you can choose other than investment.

Let us now see why people deliberately warn us against stocks and why is it not a good option for you to earn money:

Market Volatility

You never know what is to happen in the market. One moment the market is up, and in the next, it is down. You have no control over the money you are investing. While it is still better for people who have loads of money to invest, it is not something a college student should take an interest in. There is a high chance that you will end up losing all of your money and Are Left With Nothing.

Short Term

For us, growing money does not mean getting to use it while we are in our sixties, right? Well, that is exactly what the case is with investing. They are not the best short-term investment. Most people who invest in stocks do it to secure their future when they reach their sixties or after their retirement. Unless you have a similar plan, I would not say that investment is a good option for you.

Lack Of Knowledge

While you can still get information about stock investing from Google, it is never enough. To be an expert in stock investing, you need to have acute knowledge about stocks, their types, the types of investments, when to do it, how to do it, and so on. This needs proper learning. As someone who just wants to grow their money, I am pretty sure that you would not have that much time to learn it all, understand it, and then start investing.

Mental Instability

It is not just the financial instability that you need to be concerned about. Stock market investment severely hampers your mental stability. The constant stress and worry can actually increase health issues in people. One of the worst cases is during economic downturns when stock prices drop severely, and most investors face heavy losses. Many investors choose to commit suicide to get over the trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some interesting questions and answers that you may want to look at.

Q1. How Can I Make Money With No Money On My Phone?

Ans. Here are some ways to make money from your phone.

• Earn cash back
• Take online surveys
• Play online games
• Use an investment app
• Sell your data
• Sell your accessories, clothes, and textbooks
• Sell photos
• Manage social media platforms
• Proper utilization of gig apps
• Get paid to walk
• Participate in user testing

Q2. How To Make Money At 15?

Ans. In this digital world, there are so many ways that teens can make money also.

• Survey junkie
• Swagbucks
• Involve in a camp counselor
• Baby, pet, and house-sitting
• Fetch rewards (you need to sign up before starting)
• Freelance writing
• Manage social media accounts
• Umpire or referee
• You can become a personal assistant
• Starting a blog
• Deliver groceries in the neighborhood 
• Start a YouTube channel
• Start a lawn care business
• Shop with Ibotta
• Lifeguard
• Get a job at Chick-fil-A
• Sell personal stuff on the social media marketplace
• Become a tutor
• Walk dogs 
• Give companionship to elders

Q3. How Can I Make Money In 30 Minutes?

Ans. If you need a make some quick money, then you can try these things.

• If you know more than one language, then try to make some money with your tongue
• You can monetize your ride, and you don’t need to be a driver
• Sell a gift that you don’t use
• Baby, house, and pet-sitting
• Sell blood plasma, semen, or hair
• Test apps and websites and get cash for that
• You can make money with SurveySavvy or ShopTracker
• Get money after you spend some time on easy surveys
• Sell all your old techs

Final Words

Suppose you are able to use an earning app and put some time and effort into that. You can make a lot of money. There are people who start making some money online, and they make that their full-time job as they are able to make a lot of money. I hope if someone asks you about how to earn money online without investment in mobile, you can give the answer.

If you find this article informative and interesting, feel free to share and give your valuable feedback.

Thank You.

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