Sales Advisor Who They Are? Job Description, Work Role In 2021

Sales Advisor

If you are a sales advisor, you can earn more than you can imagine. There is no limit to your earning. Indeed it won’t grant you the satisfaction of a 9-5 job, but it will offer something much more valuable than that.

You first start from scratch if you want to shine in this role. You must know how to sell a product, otherwise, you can’t advise a company to apply that strategy. So let’s look at this exciting job profile and its numerous perks.


What Is A Sales Advisor?

The person who facilitates sales transactions between customers and a company is known as the sales advisor. They explain product benefits and product features to the customers. They understand clients’ needs and help them make the best purchase. You must have ample knowledge of your company’s products so that you can convince customers to buy them. 

If you think the job roles of a sales advisor and a sales assistant are the same, you are highly mistaken. A sales advisor only needs to monitor the sales transactions. On the contrary, a sales assistant has many other sales issues to look after. So, compared to both job roles, it is easier to be a sales advisor. But, of course, you must have a lot of energy and motivation to make your way through this job role.

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What Are The Job Roles Of A Sales Advisor?

Sales Advisor

As a sales advisor, you’ll have to make sales strategies on behalf of a company. You will plan the sales process and implement it. You don’t need to be an employee of a company. You can work as external advisors in many companies at once. There are some primary work roles for this job role such as;

  1. You have to learn about the company’s products, services, pricing, targets, and existing strategies.
  2. You will set up the key performance indicators for the company sales team.
  3. You will communicate with clients to take a good grip over their needs.
  4. You must identify the drawbacks of the current sales strategies.
  5. You will have to stay updated about industry trends.
  6. You must monitor the performance of salespeople regularly.
  7. You need to explore better business opportunities to acquire new clients.
  8. You can attend the educational seminars to get new insight on sales strategies.
  9. You must monitor your competitors.
  10. You should create a healthy work culture to motivate the sales team.

What Skills Do I Need To Become A Sales Advisor?

You must instruct your team members to implement the sales strategies. But, for that, you must possess some skills such as;

  • A minimum of 5 years working experience as a sales assistant or similar job roles
  • Communication skill
  • Motivational skill
  • Teamwork skill
  • Time management skill
  • Critical thinking skill
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Organizational skill
  • Product knowledge
  • Legal knowledge
  • Responsible
  • Flexibility with working hours
  • Analytical skill to understand the sales process of competitors
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • A general education degree or high school diploma

How Much Does A Sales Advisor Make Annually?

Enough with the job description and work role, right? It’s time to talk some money. But, before we dive into that, understand that there is no restriction on your income in this job role. We mentioned before also that you could actually write your paycheck if you show total commitment to this job. On average, a sales advisor in the U.S. makes almost $13.41 per year. So that sums up to an approximate amount of $14,5400 per year. 

Now, that is just a primary assumption. If you want, you can also earn up to $106,542 every year. A recent study shows that more than 40% of sales advisors in America find their income more than satisfactory for their annual living costs. So, rest assured you won’t regret your decision to choose this job role.

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Will The Job Of A Sales Advisor Be On-Demand In The Future?

The actual purpose of any business entity is to sell its products and services to customers. Now, how will they sell the products, or how will they convince the customers-that is the decision of a sales advisor. So, as long as companies will exist, this job role will be on-demand. A company cannot achieve anything if they don’t earn enough revenue to keep the operation going. A sales advisor advises the company to select the right sales strategy and influences customers’ purchase intentions. Therefore, if a company wants to sell its products which they will wish to always, they will hire you. 

The Bottom Line

Some people might think that anyone can do it since there is no mandatory educational degree required in this job. Well, not so easy. There may not be any compulsion of academic criteria, but you still have many skills to shine in this work. In addition, you will convince people to spend their money on your products, so the pitch has to be convincing enough for that. If you think you can convince people easily, the job of a sales advisor may just be right for you. If you have any further queries about this job role, you can post them in the comment box.


As we have made our way to the end of the article, we still find some questions lingering on the minds of our readers. We have handpicked a few of them here. 

1: Will It Be Illegal If I Work As A Sales Advisor For Two Companies?

Ans: Well, if you are considering working as a full-time sales advisor for two companies, then yes, it will be illegal. But, if you choose to be a full-time employee of one company and a part-time consultant of another company, you can do that. You can also be the sales consultant of more than 2 companies, and it won’t be a legal problem.

2: Is A Sales Advisor’s Job More complex Than A Salesperson’s?

Ans: No, a salesperson’s job is considered more complex. A sales advisor will only advise the company about the potential selling strategies. But, a salesperson will implement those strategies. There are plenty of rejections in a salesperson’s job that makes it more challenging.

3: How Many Years Do I Have To Work As A Salesperson Before Becoming A Sales Advisor?

Ans: There is no definite timeline here. Sometimes people can work for 1 year and get promoted because of their breathtaking selling strategies. But, on the other hand, sometimes it takes people more than 5 years to learn the system. So, it depends upon your performance, but 3-4 years of salesperson experience is recommended. 

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