How To Start A Coffee Shop In 2022 – Step By Step Guides

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The last decade witnessed the rise of the cafe culture, and with it was born the millennial desire of quitting your job and opening a coffee shop! As 2021 became the year of resignations, I can’t help but wonder exactly how many resigned to enter the hospitality industry. Needless to say, starting a coffee shop does seem like the DREAM JOB at this point.

Moreover, opening a coffee shop comes with a whole lot of gains. Think about it. Have you ever seen a good coffee shop empty? Since its introduction in Europe in the 1800s, coffee has maintained its popularity for more than 200 years, and there is no evidence to suggest that the coffee culture is disappearing from society.


Opening A Coffee Shop? Compare Your Options:

Before deciding on anything, you have to compare the options you have. There are three options that you need to consider while launching your own coffee shop.

  • Starting from scratch: When you opt for opening a coffee shop on your own, you need to remember that it requires the most effort. But, at the same time, this is the best alternative for maximizing your profits and staying flexible.
  • Investing in a franchise: If you are wondering how to open a coffee shop with minimal risks, the best thing you can do is choose to be a part of a famous franchise like Starbucks. In such cases, most but not all of the major business decisions will be made by you.
  • Purchasing an existing business: Again, this will save money, effort, and risks, at least that’s what you initially think. But come on, finding a profitable coffee shop business that is up for sale is no easy feat.

Interestingly, whichever option you choose to go ahead with, you need to remember that all the plans will require thorough planning and research.

How To Start A Coffee Shop In 2022?

Coffee is love, and opening a coffee shop is the ultimate career option. But, I mean, have you looked at the rise of Starbucks? The Starbucks brand has existed since the 70s and still continues to dominate the coffee industry in a way no one has ever done before. Yes, it’s expensive, but does that stop people? Not really!

So leave all the worries behind and find out how to start a coffee shop in 2022 by simply following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Location Vs. Rent

Before opening a coffee shop, understand the popularity of the successful ones. Coffee shops are the place where people hold informal meetings, students work on projects, and friends come to socialize. Location is of utmost importance in this case and with great locations comes expensive rents.

So you need to determine if paying the rent worth the location – will you be able to afford it? Popular sites always have high rents and aggressive competition. You can always check out storefronts. These are highly visible and cost lesser than malls or similar areas. Also, you need to keep in mind parking facilities and traffic at your site.

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Step 2: Serve High-quality Products

The key to running a successful coffee shop in 2022 has a lot to do with the quality of the products you are serving. Gone are the days of drip coffee in an ordinary mug. In the era of Instagram aesthetics, the fancier your coffee looks and tastes, the more people will visit your shop – yes, the world has changed.

Research shows us that the demand for specialty coffee has been much more than ordinary coffee since 2010. And things have not changed except the demand for specialty coffee! This practically means you need to,

  • Keep up with industry trends and standards
  • Serve a variety of fresh-roasted coffee beans
  • Invest in premium quality coffee bar accessories like a lovely cafe coffee maker
  • Include some small bites in your menu
  • Make sure your staff is knowledgeable enough to assist customers

Step 3: Offer Terrific Customer Service

Without terrific customer service, any business will simply fail, especially in the hospitality industry. While opening a coffee shop, you need to make sure your customer service is top-notch. After all, your favorite coffee shop is not your favorite because of its menu or decor only. The staff has to be likable otherwise why would you want to visit regularly.

Most coffee shops have a counter service where customers can order and pay at the counter and wait for their names to be called out. It’s a smart approach, really. It not only reduces the cost of labor but also allows the staff to manage busy hours efficiently. On the other hand, table service is always a slower alternative.

Step 4: The Magic Is In The Decor

Most consumers seek a relaxing, modern, and comfortable atmosphere when they visit coffee shops. The secret to success while opening a coffee shop has nothing to do with finding the perfect coffee shop names but instead in your atmosphere, not the decor. Decor’s essential but not more than the atmosphere inside the shop.

The idea coffee shop atmosphere is a clean, minimalistic look with natural or warm lighting depending on the time of the day. You can keep natural lighting for the day and switch to warm lights post 6 p.m. Also, you can introduce an open space outside the main seating area because many prefer the outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Do I Open Up A Coffee Shop?
You can open a coffee shop by following the steps mentioned below,

  • Make a business plan
  • Find a suitable location
  • Register your business
  • Open the coffee shop
2. What Qualifications Do I Need To Open A Cafe?
The best part about opening a coffee shop is you don’t need any specific qualifications for opening a coffee shop. Although general skills in accounting and marketing always help!
3. How Do You Price Coffee Drinks?
For pricing coffee drinks in your new coffee shop, just check out industry standards and make your own calculations. Then, make sure your coffee is neither overpriced nor underpriced.


If you are thinking about opening a coffee shop, there’s no point in delaying the venture. Instead, open a coffee shop and live a happy life because what’s better than serving some top-notch coffee. Moreover, think about your independence, not to mention the flexibility you will have once you launch your own cafe.

I have always been a sucker for coffee places, and I am sure I am not the only one in this. If you serve great coffee in a relaxing scenario with excellent customer service, you will definitely be successful! So what are you waiting for? Open that dream shop and start serving some good coffee!

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