Investing With A Sparkle: Gold And Silver Capture The Attention Of Millennials And Gen Z

Gold And Silver

Recently, Royal Mint’s study unveiled that an increasing number of young individuals – predominantly millennials and Gen Z – are scrutinizing their financial situations with the goal of securing a stable financial future.

Despite the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies and NFTs in recent years, gold and silver persist as the 3rd and 4th preferred investment options for this (as well as other) demographics. 


Rare Antique Gold Coins: A Worthwhile Investment?

Although some argue that gold no longer holds monetary qualities – it indeed remains a critical component of the modern economy. This is large because of gold’s success in preserving wealth across generations – a quality paper-denominated currency cannot claim – as noted by multimedia professional Nick Lioudis. As geopolitical uncertainty and inflation rose worldwide in the last few years, gold continues -to this very day – to outperform stocks in investment performance. 

As for rare antique gold coins – they add another layer of interest to gold investment. With historical significance and rarity as well as limited quantities, these coins can often hold even greater value and appreciation potential than standard gold investments.

The Allure of Silver: A Dynamic Investment Option Backed by History and Volatility

Silver has been the foremost demanded precious metal for trading over decades, if not centuries. It has consistently been a profitable and favored investment option and attracts investors worldwide still today (a fact well-acknowledged by today’s youth).

Esteemed economist Milton Friedman has referred to silver as the “primary monetary metal.” CEO Frank H. however didn’t hesitate to highlight silver’s volatile nature – being approximately 1.5 times more volatile than gold. This is a factor to consider when investing in the metal (being large or small amounts). Prospective investors should also not neglect that silver bar sizes vary, so thorough research would be a smart step before making any financial decisions.

Like with most things in life –  investments too carry risk, or in other words – advantages, and drawbacks, and of course gold as well as silver and other metals are no exception. To mitigate potential losses that you may (or may not be) facing in the future – investing in a  company dealing with gold mining rather than physical gold may be a smarter choice.

Alternatively, rare antique gold coins present a very attractive option for collectors and investors alike. Regardless of the chosen investment route, you’re safe to expect favorable returns.

Are Gold and Silver Attracting Millennials and Gen Z?

Gold and Silver Attracting Millennials

Gold has continued to rule households for a longer time. However, the millennials are more interested in buying silver jewelry and the reasons are predictable. In comparison to gold, silver continues to have a wide range of intricate designs. The appearance remains the same as gold, only the weight and price change. Craftsmanship is no longer limited to just gold jewelry. Gen Z is willing to buy silver jewelry not just as an accessory but also in terms of investment. 

From students to office-goers, everybody has a massive obsession with silver jewelry. They are perfect for wearing daily without the stress of decolorization. When asked about the same, the youth gives a certain reason why silver is a preferred option. Check them out here:

5 Reasons Why Gen-Z prefers silver over Gold

  • They weigh less: Unlike gold, silver is lightweight. One can easily wear it for the entire day without getting any physical pain. A lot of women share how heavy gold earrings have ended up damaging their ear lobes. 
  • Doesn’t tarnish easily: Another perk of using silver jewelry is they don’t get destroyed so easily. Since gold is prone to bending, it has a higher chance of getting tarnished. But that’s not the case with silver. 
  • Aligns with your look: The best part about using silver ornaments is that they complement each and every look. Thus, you don’t have to pair your outfits with an altogether different earring each day. Also, these enhance the beauty of any skin tone. 
  • Scientific reasons to use silver: This might come as a bit of a surprise but silver jewelry is healthy. Studies have proved that they maintain the elasticity of your blood and also help in the formation of bones. 
  • Costs less: Last but not least, silver is comparatively inexpensive than gold. Whenever someone experiences a modest budget, they are most likely to opt for silver jewelry. 

These are the top five reasons why people, most preferably the younger generation, opt for silver. What’s better than getting something that costs less, beautifies your look, and is also easy to maintain? 

When Should You Purchase Gold?

This might be a topic of discussion and most users end up asking this. According to experts, the best time to purchase gold items is during a recession or inflation. This is the time when the value of this priceless metal increases. If we go back a little into the past, 1970 was a year of inflation. However, the rate of interest increased subsequently in 1980, making it an immensely profitable investment.

While the older generation has a greater fondness for gold-buying, it would be highly sensitive for the younger investors as well. They have a lot of time before retirement. Hence, they can easily risk more than a person above 50 years. Gold is a premium option for investment for both the millennials and older age groups. 

Although gold is considered a safe haven, it might be a risk for retirees to buy. Being an inexpensive metal, it has higher chances of fluctuations and the impact might last long. In contrast, a large number of investors might find gold as insurance. It will eventually save you when the market experiences a severe crash. 


Whether gold or silver, investing your savings in the right direction helps millennials to go a long way. In either case, you will end up saving something valuable for your benefit. 

So this was all about the Generation Z taking control of gold and silver purchasing. Let us know in the comment section below if are you team Gold or Silver. 

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