Apple Plans Rescue For $17 Billion Watch Business In Face Of Ban

Apple Plans Rescue for $17 Billion Watch Business in Face of Ban

Apple Inc., just a couple of days from a ban in the United States of its famous smartwatches, has been plotting a mission to rescue the $17 billion business which would include fixing software and other workarounds.

Engineers working at the brand are in a race to make necessary changes to the algorithms in the device, which would measure the blood oxygen level of the user, a feature that Masimo Corp. had argued invades the patients.

It is a pretty high-stakes engineering effort unlike any of the other Apple had taken over before. Though the products of iPhone were previously banned in multiple countries because of legal disputes, this ban would affect one of the biggest moneymakers of Apple, that too in its home country, and on Christmas.

Apple Watch Ban Continues

Without the last-minute veto from the White House, the ban which the International Trade Commission will be effective from 25th December.

Apple Inc. could easily settle with Masimo, though that is a route that would not be preferable to take. The two companies do not seem to be engaged in it yet. For now, Apple would be focusing on modifying the technology and trying to win over the favor of the regulators.

If the ban continues, Apple would be working on a variety of technical and legal options. Already, it has started preparing stores for this change. It sent new signs to the retail outlets that are promoters of the Apple Watch without showing them the pictures of the Series 9 and Ultra 2 – the two models that are targets of the ban. The lower-end SE watch will still be available to use.

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