What Is Gap Financing – A Complete Guide In 2021

Gap financing

The gap financing is also known as the bridge that fills up the gap between the interim financing that helps you meet your short-term loan crisis to meet the immediate financial obligations until sufficient funds are there to meet the financial obligations. It can help you to meet the long-term financial needs that can be secured in the right way.   

The gap financing can help you carry the higher cost to the borrower, and to meet the short-term cash flow needs, it can help you achieve your objectives in the right way. There are several factors that you need to know where to make your concept clear about gap financing.  


What Is Gap Financing?   

Gap financing is related to the mortgage loan or the property loan used to bridge the gap between the floor loan and the maximum permanent committed loan to a party. You can consider it a type of interim loan that bridges the shortfall of money at a particular point. Debt consolidation can help you to achieve your goals in the right direction.         

Pros & Cons Of Gap Financing 

Before going to the depth of the Gap financing, we need to clear up certain fundamental aspects of the gap financing to implement it correctly. You have to plan out the right direction to achieve the desired objectives of your choice.   

Pros Of Gap Financing 

Proper application of the gap financing can allow you to utilize funds properly.   

1. It Can Help You To Free-up Your Cash 

Gap funding can help you increase the number and size of your deals as it enables you to avoid any kind of cash constraints that you may face otherwise from your end. It can help you increase the overall revenue structure of your business and the profit. Ultimately it will help you to grow your business at a rapid rate. It can help you a the time of paying the interest on Personal Loans in an effective way.   

Even after you share funds with your gap lenders, you can earn in volume and can make reasonable profits for your business. You have to make your choices in a better way to gain maximum profit from the gap funding. 

2. Reduces The Cash Outflow 

One of the best features of gap financing is to wrap up the interest payments using the gap loan to the primary loan. Let’s understand this matter in a better way. For example, you have taken 12 months construction loan and have to pay a lump sum amount at the end of the tenure of 12 months along with interest.   

You can here prepay the loans in the first six months using the escrow methods in the form of the proceeds of the gap loan. These arrangements will allow you to obtain a lower rate of interest on the primary loan. It can help you to get the relief of the debt service of your immediate loan. It can help you to reduce the rate of interest on the primary loan. 

3. Facilitating The Primary Loan 

Suppose you have borrowed your money from the hard money lender. It does not threaten the hard money lender as the lender will help you maintain your business’s primary lien position properly.   

The gap financing will allow you to maintain the primary lending position to cover up the gap loan to wrap up the interest charges. The hard money lenders have the positive incentives to provide you a direct loan

4.  Share Of Risk    

In most cases, the real estate projects may produce less amount of profits than is estimated. If you use the gap funding, then the profits will go to the gap lender. It will help you to share the risk of gains and losses from the gap financer.   

You need to consider the risk while planning to share the risk of the gap financing with your money lenders. You must not make your choice in the wrong direction regarding the selection of the money lenders. 

Cons Of The Gap Financing 

Along with the pros, there are several cons of Gap Financing that you have to consider from your end. 

1. Sharing The Reward 

With the help of gap financing, you must forego half of the return for a Zero cash deal. The deal must make economic sense even after you share the profit for conserving your profit that may outweigh the gain about the hair cut. 

2. Higher Cost   

Gap funding providers charge higher rates of interest compared to primary lenders. Therefore you have to consider the additional risks while considering the gap funding compared to the usual financing. You may have to bear the incremental cost while considering the gap financing for your funding stage. 

When Should You Apply The Concept Of Gap Financing?   

The gap financing makes sense when the following stated conditions become accurate and valid.  

  • When the real estate project provides a sizeable profit, gap financing can be a great idea. 
  • When you do not possess enough cash to bring the deal, you need to conserve some money simply. 
  • If you want to wrap up the interest on loans with the gap loans in your first payment on the interest on loans, then gap financing can be a handy option. 
  • If your property takes an extended amount of time to sell than your estimated time, then you can make use of the gap financing for getting the relief of the monthly interest payments. 
  • If you want to increase your cash on your yield on cash, gap financing is a feasible option. 
  • To maintain your business’s liquidity position, you can use gap financing to develop your cash inflow.    

Here Are Some Of The Final Thoughts  

Hence, these are some of the facts that can help you understand the importance of Gap financing to meet your requirements at different stages of your business. You have to understand the points before you make your choices in the right direction. Plan out your investment strategies so that they can help you achieve your objectives in the long run.

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