Treasures Yield Lower Than Expected China’s Data Renew The Concerns Of The Global Economy

Treasures Yield

Treasures in the Global Economy are showing some unexpected downfall. On August 15, China’s treasury bill fell slightly as the economic data of Monday was renewed. It creates concerns over the health of the global economy. 

Inflation can slow down the US global treasury. It can also affect the US federal reserve monetary policy. China’s Central bank cut down the economic lending rate on Monday to revive the demand as the Economic indicator. 

There are several reasons for such an economic slowdown of the treasury. But, first, you must go through the news to better understand it. 

Why Treasures Yield Lower Than Expected On Monday 15th Of August 

Why Treasures Yield Lower Than Expected On Monday 15th Of August 

There are multiple reasons why treasures yield lower than expected on Monday. You must go through the facts to get a better insight into it. Some of the reasons behind the lowering of the Yield on Monday are:- 

  • US single-family home builders’ confidence fell in Fed had contributed to the lowering of the global treasury. 
  • The US financial market is tightening investment patterns, which has contributed to the global recession in the economy. 
  • The 10 Year treasury bills are now down by 2.791% compared to the previous year’s 2.849% close in the last year. 
  • The peak in the inflation rate in the US economy has resulted in the downfall of the treasury bill. 
  • On Monday, it almost reached 41.1 base point as it has been a negative downfall of the US economy for the last ten years.

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