How To Start Investing In Stocks On A Small Budget? 

How To Start Investing In Stocks On A Small Budget?

It is very common for youngsters to wonder how to start investing in stocks on a small budget. Stock investment is one of the most guaranteed ways to build long-lasting wealth. With the easy accessibility of knowledge, information, and expert guidance, more and more people are taking an interest in stock investment these days. 

Many young people, new investors, and beginners are keen to enter the stock market but have no idea how to do so. Many do not even start due to the lack of proper information. 

So, if you are someone who wants to know how to start investing in stocks on a small budget, this article is for you. So, without any delay, let us learn how to invest on a small budget. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Stock investment is the process of purchasing shares of ownership in public companies. These shares are known as stock. 
  • If the stock you own grows to be more valuable, you earn a profit if you choose to sell it to another investor. 
  • Most of the people who invest in online stocks do so using a brokerage account. You may also purchase funds in the same money. They have multiple variants of stocks in just one investment. 
  • Investing is still possible even when you are in a tight financial spot. You can start by saving and taking advantage of long-term compound interest. 
  • A high-yield savings account may help you start collecting wealth. 
  • Use tax-advantaged retirement plans like the ones that your employer sponsors. 
  • There are also many new investing platforms, such as robo-advisors, micro-investing, and real estate crowdfunding. They may allow you to invest micro amounts every day. 

How To Start Investing In Stocks On A Small Budget? 

How To Start Investing In Stocks On A Small Budget

For beginners, investing in stocks may be a bit more difficult than what you can comprehend. But, with the right guidance, things may just become easier. So, here are some of our best tips that you may apply in real life if you wish to invest in stocks on a tight budget. 

Understand Your Financial Strength 

To be able to understand your financial goals, it is important that you focus on these three aspects of financial understanding: 

Clarity on your financial goals 

What brings you to investing? Yes, getting returns is the most obvious answer, but then what? What do you plan to do with the savings? Do you plan to save for retirement? Or do you plan to buy a house in a couple of years? Or maybe for the education of your children. 

Depending on these goals, you will have to define the timeline and the kind of return you wish to fetch. 

Assessment of the risk tolerance 

This is a necessary aspect as it allows you to choose the correct kind of stocks, in general. Try to measure which risk bracket you identify with: 

  • Low risk 
  • Medium-low risk 
  • Medium risk 
  • Medium-high risk 
  • High risk 

Calculate the investment horizon 

Stocks generate really good returns over a time period of 7 to 10 years. Depending on your investment horizon, you may choose the stocks that are offering you reasonable returns. 

Learn The Basics 

You do not necessarily have to be an expert to be able to invest in stocks. Just learn the basics. This includes just a few fundamental parameters of the company. It includes their revenue, profit, loss, margin, debt profile, and future growth prospects. The area of operation of the company also plays a vital role in this. 

Also, it helps you keep a check of the track record of the company on the dividend payments. 

Keep a check on the performance of stock prices in the last few years. Check if the prices were volatile or if there was a steady increase. This will tell a lot about the returns that you are going to get from these stocks in the future. 

Focus On Savings 

While saving your money may come up as a big roadblock, it is way easier than you assume. 

All it needs is a kickstart. Make a budget for the monthly expenses and consider the fixed amount you are going to save. Even if you are able to save a few hundred dollars every month, over time, it will majorly help you invest. 

A Start Slow 

A Start Slow

Investment is no race. You need to begin and wait for the wealth to build. If you have invested $500, search for stocks that are within your budget and choose the best options. 

Slowly but steadily, as your savings increase and your market understanding grows, you will have the whole portfolio of the stocks that you have handpicked, depending on your investor profile. 

Beware Of The Penny Stocks 

Penny stocks are the absolute small stocks that have a very low worth. We are not suggesting that there is something wrong with penny stocks. However, in most of the cases, these stocks have a low price as their demand is low. This means there are zero to fewer buyers for these stocks within the market. 

The prices of these stocks may be low due to the finances of the company. Maybe it is on the verge of collapsing. 

Multiple investors with very little money turn to these penny stocks as they appear to be the best option within a small budget. While their growth potential may seem impeccable, these stocks come with a higher risk. Therefore, you need to be extremely cautious before you invest in them. 

Invest Carefully 

When an investor begins with less money, they put off multiple stocks for later as they are pretty expensive. For instance, if company X has a stock price of $500 per share. If you have the investable amount of $450, you will not be able to afford it. 

But, if you have an excess of funds like $2,000, you do just what the other investors would. Following a pattern can actually help you sort things out and understand them way better. While the company is strong, investing in a lump sum at a bad time may turn out to be troubling. 


Most of the amateur investors think that diversification is the game of experts. However, that is not the case. Investors need to consider diversification and must not invest their portfolio in just one market sector. 

If this said factor suffers due to macroeconomic reasons, then the whole investment will be at risk. For example, Joe, who is pretty new to the stock market, invested money in pharma stocks in 2018 and 2019. These shares went down due to multiple problems across all the companies. The sector underperformed way too much. Therefore, Joe’s investment was too much of a hit. 

But he also invested in the hotel sector, which performed extraordinarily well. So, this helped balance the portfolio pretty well. 

However, in 2020, the pharma stocks went up while the hotel stocks went down. His portfolio remained healthy because of the increase in the price of pharma stocks. 

This is how diversification works. 

Try To Avoid Emotion-Based Decisions On Investment 

Most of the new investors suffer loss because they allow their emotions to govern their buying or selling decisions. For instance, the market crash because of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in multiple investors selling off good quality stocks at very low prices because of panic. 

Ideally, you need to make decisions against data and facts and possibly hold on to the best stocks while saving the ones that are not so fundamentally strong. 

How To Start Investing In Stocks: Alternative Options 

How To Start Investing In Stocks_ Alternative Options

If you have less money or a small budget, sometimes it is better that you look for other alternative options that will fetch you enough money to save and later invest in stocks. 

Let us now have a look at some of those alternative options: 

Micro Investing 

Microinvesting allows you to invest smaller sums of money to purchase fractional shares of stocks or mutual funds. For a lot of people, minimum investments begin from around $5. 

The low barricade to enter means you may start investing, even when you do not have a lot of money saved. 

For instance, Acorns, the micro-investing application, operates like an automatic savings account. You need to select the type of investment account you wish to open and connect the application to your personal bank account. When you make the purchase, the amount gets rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the extra gets automatically invested in the Acorns account. 

Warning: Before beginning to use an investing app, check the platform’s security features to make sure that your money will be protected with FDIC insurance. 

Robo Advisors 

Robo-Advisros are automatic financial planning platforms that are driven by algorithms. They were developed to make investing just as easy and accessible as it can be. With very minimal to zero human contact, these organizations collect all your financial goals and information, offer you advice, and then invest assets automatically. This allows you to pay lower fees than ever. 

These platforms are especially helpful for those who are at the start of their journey toward financial independence. 

Get Your 401(K) Match 

Participate in your company’s 401(k), particularly if there is a match. Take your time to read the explanations of each of your investment plan offers, figure out how much you may set aside from each of your paychecks, and determine your comfort level with multiple levels of risks that the investments of the plan hold. Index funds are a good way to start for those people who are not familiar with the concepts of investment. And most, out of it all, 401(k) plan offers them to you. 

Researching all the good options is an important step if you wish to maximize the returns. Take some time out, at least once a year, to reassess your plans to make sure that the fund meets all your investing goals. Do not forget to rebalance your investments. Previous performance is a good way to predict the future. But you also need to consider that it is not always a guarantee. 

There are a number of websites that have brilliant resources to research the performances of individual stocks along with specific mutual funds. Remember that the performance of a fund is only one of the multiple vital parts of the equation. 

Open A Roth IRA 

Apparently, there are 57 million Americans who work for organizations that do not offer a 401(k) plan. But that does not mean that these workers cannot successfully save or invest on their own. 

If you do not have an office retirement plan, you may still get a Roth IRA for yourself. This is a popular tax-advantaged retirement savings account, and most brokerages and banks will let you open one. If the bank you operate in comes with a minimum initial investment, which is too high for you, multiple micro-investing apps will offer IRAs too. 

As per the rules of 2023, you may contribute upto $6,000 or $7,500 if you are more than the age of 50. No tax will be incurred on this money when you withdraw it at the time of retirement. 

Real Estate Crowdfunding 

In the previous days, real estate investment was a great deal for any average investor. However, that is not the case anymore. Real estate crowdfunding is a brand new investment technique that raises capital for all real estate investments and projects through social media outlets and the Internet. 

When the investors get to engage with a crowdfunding agency, the company invests their cash in a line of real estate projects, which includes medical facilities, hotels, and condominiums. Quite a few of these real estate crowdfunding sites accept low investments initially. This allows an average investor to reap the rewards of owning a real estate property while cutting out the large expenses and headaches that come with property ownership. 

The Bottom Line 

Whenever it comes to investing, it is not the amount that matters – it is the beginning. When you finally think about how to start investing in stocks, start by organizing your finances with a budget and paying down all your debts. Then, start saving smaller funds every month. This can even be $5 if that is all that you can save. 

If the entire hassle of a stock market seems too much for you, there are other alternatives, too. They can yield higher returns and generate enough money to make your small investment worth it. 

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