How To Endorse A Check For Mobile Deposit? Here Are The Steps!

How To Endorse A Check For Mobile Deposit? Here Are The Steps!

Mobile deposits are one of the most convenient ways to deposit your paper checks just immediately with mobile banking services. By using the app of the bank, you may scan the back and the front of the check with the camera of the phone to deposit it into your account. However, not everyone knows how to endorse a check for a mobile deposit.

Endorsing the check for mobile deposit is something you must know beforehand so that you may not run into any unnecessary issues. Though the steps for endorsement may appear to be pretty straightforward, there are multiple steps to make sure that you have received the money.

In this article, we shall discuss all the steps that you may need to take to learn how to endorse a check for a mobile deposit. Kindly continue reading to know how to get ahead with the process and troubleshoot all the reasons why it may not have worked properly.


How To Endorse A Check For Mobile Deposit?

Endorsing your mobile deposit may help you save a lot of time when you don’t get the opportunity to visit the bank due to your busy schedule. But, if this is the first time that you are depositing money through a banking app, you may have confusion as to how to get started.

Whether you are tense about your money going through or a check fraud, you may follow these steps to make sure you have endorsed the check for a mobile deposit properly.

Verify If The Information On The Check Is Absolutely Correct

Before you go to deposit the check, make sure that the individual paying you has correctly written the check. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people tend to make while writing checks:

· Account or routing number errors

· Misspelling a name

· Missing signature

· Scratching out the minor errors with a pen

· A date that is older than six months

Look For The Area Of Endorsement Right On The Back Of The Check

Before you make a mobile deposit, sign on the endorsement area of the check. This generally looks like a couple of gray lines under a text that says, “Endorse check here.” You will find it on the very back of the check.

Endorsement for mobile deposits would make sure that the correct person is receiving the check. If you are mistakenly endorsing a check in the wrong place, get in touch with the bank to decide upon the next steps. You might have to re-endorse the check at your bank with a teller.

Sign At The Back Of The Check

Now that you are aware of the exact endorsement area, it is finally the time that you sign the check for your mobile deposit. Here are the best practices to endorse a check:

  • Use black or blue ink: DO NOT endorse the check with a pencil or a red pen. The banking computers can read black and blue the best.
  • Sign in the endorsement area: Sign just exactly where you are supposed to endorse. Do you do it above or below the designated area? Doing this may result in the re-endorsement of the check.
  • Use your signature: The endorsing area is not the place where you would experiment with your signature. Just keep things simple and use the signature that the bank may easily recognize.

Write A Restrictive Endorsement

Mobile deposits need a restrictive endorsement so that the banks may be able to recognize them.

Hence, they may ask you to write a custom restrictive endorsement which somewhat looks like the following:

  • “For mobile deposit only.”
  • “For mobile deposit at [Bank Name] only.”
  • “For mobile deposit only on [insert date].”
  • “For deposit into a checking account [Account Number] only.”

Some checks even come with a checkbox within the endorsement area, which signifies the fact that you are depositing it through a mobile application. However, there are many banks that would still need the restrictive endorsement in your handwriting.

Follow The Steps On The Website Or Application

Now, you may finally deposit the check into your bank account. Though the entire process will be varying based on the bank and its mobile app, here are the general steps on how to make a mobile deposit:

· Open the baking app where you wish to deposit your money.

· Navigate to the tab that has “Deposit” or “Mobile Deposit.”

· Enter the information of the check, such as the amount of money.

· Endorse the check and write the restrictive endorsement if you already have not.

· Ensure you put the check on a flat, solid surface with proper lighting.

· In the app, take a photo of the back and the front of the check.

· Follow the further instructions to got to the submission view.

Check For Any Errors Before You Deposit

Double check all of the information that you are putting in the mobile application. You have to make sure that there are not even the smallest of mistakes, especially with the depositing amount. Compare the input amount to the check to make sure that the deposit goes through.

Verify That Your Bank Is Depositing The Money

Hold onto the check until the money is landing in your bank account.

It might take a little time for the money to get deposited into your account. While bigger financial institutions may do it immediately, others may take some time. If the check does not appear in your bank within three days, contact the bank and see how they may be able to fix the issue.

Why Do You Need To Endorse A Check?

Endorsing a check would allow the bank to get a verification that the money, in fact, belongs to you. This security measure makes sure that you alone get the money, and it does not land up in anyone else’s bank account. An endorsement also proves that the check is valid.

Why Did The Mobile Check Endorsement Not Work?

There are times when a mobile deposit would not work because of wrong endorsement or any incorrect information on the check itself.

Your mobile deposit might fail to go through if any of the following issues come up:

· Missing signature

· Damaged check

· Blurry image

· Duplicate deposit

· Missing information

· Wrong deposition amount

· Insufficient funds

· Exceeds the deposit limit

The Bottom Line

It is pretty normal to feel nervous getting to learn how to endorse a check for mobile deposit. You can just practice using an empty sheet of paper beforehand to avoid making any such mistakes. Also, make sure that you are using a black or a blue pen. There should not be any mistakes when you endorse the check, as that may just lead to re-endorsement.

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