How Many Hours Can You Work If You Are On Disability?

How Many Hours Can You Work If You Are On Disability

How many hours can you work if you are on disability? Well, that is one complicated question. However, there is a lot you need to know before you decide to work while you are disabled.

It is no news that a disability will restrict your or your loved one’s ability to work. Therefore, it is better that you get help from the Social Security Disability benefits. However, winning these benefits is not a very simple job. There are a lot of things that are associated with it, like the strict federal regulations that are set up by the SSA to make it more complicated and difficult to even apply for the SSDI or the SSI benefits.

Before you apply for disability benefits, there are multiple doubts that you may face and questions you may come across. One of these is “How many hours can you work if you are on disability?” This is where you would need the expert help of a professional who can guide you through the correct measurements that you need to take to be able to work on a disability and still get the benefits of disability insurance.

In this article, we shall precisely discuss everything that you need to know about working while still on disability and receiving the benefits that you deserve. So, let us be benign from the very first.


What Is The SSDI? 

What Is The SSDI

If you are interested to know how many hours can you work if you are on disability, there is a high chance that you are interested in the SSDI. But what exactly is the SSDI? Well, it is nothing but a federal insurance program that the SSA administers and manages. The fund for SSDI is funded by the tax that you pay into the Social Security system by the income you earn at a job or through self-employment.

Hence, the Social Security tax that you pay on your income will contribute to your eligibility to get the SSDI benefits from the SSA or the Social Security Administration.

The program of SSDI offers monthly benefits to people who are considered unable to work due to a medical condition. This condition may be mental or physical. It had to have lasted for 12 months and was expected to stay for 12 months or result in death. If you reach out to a knowledgeable and accomplished SSDI benefits lawyer, they may easily help you out with the complicated processes and make the whole deal pretty for you.

How Can You Qualify For The SSDI Benefits?

How Can You Qualify For The SSDI Benefits

There are a number of criteria that you need to check out if you want to receive the benefits from Social Security Disability. As I mentioned before, it is indeed a lengthy process and complicated, too.

Here are the three major criteria that you need to tick out if you want to be eligible for the Social Security Disability benefits:

  • Suppose you are suffering from a disability which is. In that case, you are affected by one or multiple medical conditions that are meeting the Social Security Administration’s meaning and standards for disability.
  • If your disability is preventing you from working for long periods, it may even stretch for one whole year.
  • You have to have worked for a long enough time at an organization or through self-employment and paid enough Social Security taxes from your income to be able to qualify for these SSDI benefits as per the rules of the Social Security Administration.

The SSDI benefits that you will be receiving from the SSA will be dependent on multiple factors. The most important of them will be your record of earnings and your work credits.

When you have higher earnings and pay more Social Security taxes, you will receive more SSDI benefits.

How Much Could You Earn From Your Disability Benefits? 

How Much Could You Earn From Your Disability Benefits

If you wish to be eligible for the SSDI or the SSI benefits, you will have to prove your inability to engage in any activity that may earn you a living. This answers your question. You may not work even for an hour if you wish to receive these benefits on your disability.

An individual earning more than a particular amount monthly will be considered to be engaging in a substantial gainful activity(SGA). This pre-decided amount will depend on the type of disability an individual is suffering from.

In the very first month, if an individual is earning more than their SGA limit, the Social Security Administration will no longer consider you disabled. They will cease to offer you the benefits for that month and for the upcoming month as well.

The Social Security Act stipulates a higher SGA amount for the statutory blind individuals. However, the federal regulations offer a lesser SGA amount for those non-blind applicants. Every year, the SGA amount for blind and non-blind applicants changes based on the national average wage index.

When Do Working Hours Matter If You Are Self-Employed With Disability

When Do Working Hours Matter

When you are earning more than $1,350 every month, the SSA will consider that you can easily provide yourself with financial support. Hence, the total working hours must not matter if you are already getting the AADI benefits. However, the total number of hours you get to work while on disability may be a factor when-

  • You are earning an income through self-employment.
  • You are leading a business entity, for instance, a Company or a Limited Liability Company(LLC).

Working On Disability When You Are Self-Employed

When you are serving self-employment, you may work for multiple hours without earning any

hourly wage. In such a circumstance, the Social Security Administration will be considering the number of hours that you have worked along with your monthly income.

The SSA will allow you a maximum of 45 hours of work each month if you are receiving disability benefits and serve self-employment. This means it is hardly 10 hours of work each week. The SSA will also take into account if you are working just for your own business.

Working On Disability When You Are Working A Job 

If you do not own a business and are working for someone else. The number of hours you work will not be as important. Usually, it is the monthly earnings that the SSA considers to decide if you should continue getting these benefits. However, if you are still working for many hours, that will affect your case.

The bottom line 

I am hoping to have answered “How many hours can you work if you are on disability?” rightfully and given you a clear picture of how it can be to work on disability.

However, this is not everything. It is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot more complications that you need to get through if you wish to get these benefits. Therefore, it’s better if you can get a professional to help you with complex matters. This makes the whole process a lot easier.

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