Thanksgiving Gas Prices At Three-Year Low Just When Drivers Are Out In Force

Thanksgiving Gas Prices At Three-Year Low Just When Drivers Are Out In Force

Travelers of Thanksgiving have more options than ever for getting to their favorite holiday destination this year. For the drivers of vehicles that have old-school engines, the good news is that the lower prices for gas have made this year’s Thanksgiving the lowest price for gas since the pandemic holiday three years back.

Low energy costs all through the board must make for a piece of even better news for the electric vehicle drivers that are to hit the road during the weekends in the future.

On Tuesday, the national average price of gas in the United States was $3.29, as per AAA. The driver advocacy organization said that this number has dropped in the last two months, which is one of the reasons why one might see more vehicles on the road this year compared to the previous one.

AAA said it “expects 55.4 million people will travel at least 50 miles this Thanksgiving holiday weekend, with 88.7 percent (49.1 million) doing so in a car.” This forecast is a rise of 2.3% in comparison to the previous year and is a representation of the third-highest Thanksgiving travel forecast since the AAA started keeping track of holiday travel in 2000. Higher forecasts were seen both in 2005 and 2019.

More people that are traveling for the holiday this year appears sensible to Amos Hochstein, which s the senior advisor to President Biden for energy, who said to Car and Driver that

“Biden Administration efforts regarding the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, using some of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), and other actions helped bring gas prices down.”

“What President Biden has wanted to do all along is to bring prices to consumers down, to lower inflation, and what we’re seeing this Thanksgiving,” he further added. “We are at the low end of the year as far as gas prices for the country, and it’s happening on the week of Thanksgiving, where prices will be the lowest since 2020.”

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