Walmart Check Cashing: A Convenient Option To Cash Your Checks

Walmart Check Cashing

With over 4,500 stores across America, Walmart is the most easily accessible stores to get groceries, clothes, and literally everything.

But did you know that Walmart allows you to cash your checks too?

Yes, you heard me correctly! Walmart isn’t just popular for its shopping services. It is also famous for its financial services; check cashing is among others.

So, if you don’t have a bank account, or the bank is out of your convenience, or maybe you are just at Walmart buying a few things, you can easily get check cashing benefits at Walmart.

Similar to how you usually cash your checks at a bank, Walmart check cashing lets customers get cash instantly in their hands by cashing their checks.

In this article, I will be taking you through the entire Walmart check cashing process so that you can cash your next check at Walmart without any trouble.


How Walmart Check Cashing Works?

How Walmart Check Cashing Works

Understanding how Walmart check cashing works is easy. All you need to do is bring the check and a valid identity like a driver’s license or any other government-issued identity proof to the Money Center or the customer service desk at your nearest Walmart.

You can cash your check whenever the Money Center or the service desk is open.

Make sure you have endorsed the check to be able to cash it. You just need to sign at the back of the check to endorse it.

Then the signature will then be compared by the clerk at the Money Center or the customer desk with your signature on your government ID to make sure it is you.

It is not necessary to endorse the check in front of the clerk, you can just do it according to your convenience or ahead of time, but it is always better to sign it on the spot to make sure that you are not walking around with an endorsed check.

Types Of Checks For Walmart Check Cashing

Types Of Checks For Walmart Check Cashing

However, Walmart does allow you to cash your checks, but there are certain limitations as to what types of checks are allowed for cashing at Walmart.

Here is a list of check types that Walmart cashes:

The process is easy. You can either choose to get the money in hand or get your funds loaded into your Walmart Money Card.

Let us now get to know in detail what these types of checks are.

Personal Checks

If you have ever wondered if you can cash a personal check at Walmart, the answer is yes.

Fortunately, you can.

Walmart check cashing services let you access funds conveniently from individual checks that include gifts or repayment of debts.

One of the most convenient ways why people consider cashing checks from Walmart is because it saves them from depositing the checks in a bank and then waiting for their clearance.

The personal checks policy at Walmart requires the check to be pre-printed, correctly filled out, and meet all the eligibility criterias that are set by the retail giant.

Customers are required to provide Walmart with valid identifications and follow the personal check cashing limit at Walmart.

You may also check with your local for any policy specifications or added fees.

Business Checks 

Walmart check cashing allows you to cash a check that you may have received from any

business or organization. This is a very convenient option for freelancers, independent contractors, or small business owners who may not have a bank account or prefer access to funds instantly.

Two-Party Personal Checks

You may be skeptical if Walmart would cash a two-party check. A two-party check is one check issued in the name of two individuals, like a couple receiving a gift or co-borrowers of a business receiving a loan.

In a case such as this, Walmart eases the trouble by cashing two-party personal checks to become the ultimate solution for both the parties.

IRS Checks And Stimulus Checks 

If you are confused about Walmart check cashing services being extended to tax checks, do not be confused anymore because the answer to your question is yes!

Walmart does cash tax checks too.

By doing so, Walmart allows you to access your funds easily and makes sure you secure your stimulus funds immediately.


If you are an active employee and do not have a bank account, or if you do not prefer waiting for direct deposit, Walmart is a convenient alternative for getting your paychecks cashed.

This benefits workers by letting them access their hard-earned money even faster, which in turn allows them to pay bills and manage their spending more efficiently.

International Checks 

If you have gotten your hand on a check that you have received from a foreign country, Walmart might cash the check for you; however, that will be subject to certain limitations.

All international checks may not be eligible, so it is better to confirm with the Walmart Money

Center if the check in your possession can be cashed or not.

This is a beneficial service for individuals that have business or family in other countries.

Some other types of checks that are eligible for Walmart check cashing are:

  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Handwritten Checks
  • Insurance Settlement Checks
  • Third-Party Checks

Ineligibility For Walmart Check Cashing Services 

Ineligibility For Walmart Check Cashing Services

While Walmart does provide cashing services for a wide variety of checks, there are certain circumstances where restrictions are applicable.

To ensure a safe and compliant financial transaction, Walmat may reject a check because of the following reasons:

  • Insufficiency in identification or verification
  • Post-dated or expired check
  • Damaged or altered check

Walmart Check Cashing Limit 

Walmart Check Cashing Limit

The check cashing limit per check is $5,000.

From January to April, this limit is briefly increased to $7,500 to accommodate the larger value checks that customers may bring in because of tax refunds at the end of the financial year.

Charges For Walmart Check Cashing 

Charges For Walmart Check Cashing

Based on the check amount that you want to cash, Walmart will charge a specific amount per check.

$0-$1,000 = $3.00 max.

$1,000-$5,000 = $6.00 max.

This fee is deducted from the amount that you wish to encash; therefore, you will probably receive an amount that is slightly less than what is stated on the check.

The Bottom Line 

Hoping this article has solved your concerns regarding the Walmart check cashing services and has provided you with necessary insights about the same.

So, from now on, do not hesitate to make use of this convenient option to take care of your financial needs.

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