Transcosmos Takes New Strategy To Expand Global Business, Boosts Management Structures Of Overseas Subsidiaries


According to the representative director of Transcosmos inc, Koichi Iwami, and the co-president Masaaki Muta, the company has boosted the management structures of its subsidiaries overseas. They took this initiative to grow their business further in the global market. 

They appointed new representatives in the subsidiaries in the US, Indonesia, and Thailand. Appointment of new representatives, according to them, should help them strengthen global services. By doing, so, they want to grow their sales overseas. 

Kiyonori Takechi used to lead the local business of Transcosmos in Thailand. He used to be the managing director since the launch of the company’s local business in 2015. He is the President & COO. 

In Thailand, Transcosmos appoints Hiroyoshi Hara as the managing director of the company. He set up P.T. transcosmos in 2013 as a CEO. Before that, he served as the COO of a company before. 

Seisuke Kobayashi has been contributing to Transconsmos for years, and he has been a member of the global business of Transcosmos since 2016. He is the CEO and President of Transcosmos Indonesia.

According to them, with the new appointment of representatives in different countries, Transconsmos expects the business to grow on a global scale.

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