8 Effective Ways On How To Save Money – A Personal Guide On The Easiest Saving Techniques

how to save money

Who would not love some extra bucks at the end of the month? We all do. Let’s understand how to save money? with this article.

But to have some extra money that you can spend later, you need to start saving first. You probably have been planning long for the vacation or waiting to get that beautiful designer bag, but every month you go through a money crunch.

You probably have been waiting to save money; it probably has been on your mind for a long time, but have you taken the steps?

You may think you need to save money, but have you really given a thought to how to save money? Probably not.

If you really want to know how to save money, it is time that you got serious. Saving is a fun process; you never know how the smallest of the changes in your routine can add to become a big chunk of cash.

In this article, I will take you through the ways by which you can finally have some extra bucks with you by the end of the month.


How To Save Money Each Month?

If you have decided to save money but are not sure how I have got you covered.

Here are the steps that can guide you on how to save money each month:

1. Automate Your Transfers

Automate Your Transfers

One of the most effective ways to save money without any hassle is by automating your payments each month from your checking account to your savings account. This way, you will not have to worry about transferring the money each month, and it eliminates the chance of you forgetting the transfer.

Automating money in your savings account is a great way to save money for a special occasion like a vacation or marriage, or any emergencies that are to occur in the future.

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3. Count Your Bills And Coins

Count Your Bills And Coins

Yet another helpful way to save money is by counting the total bills and coins that you are left with by the end of each day, and accordingly, deposit it directly into the bank and witness your account grow from there.

Also, if you are thinking about how to save money, limit the use of a credit card. Physical money is hard to part with; therefore, you will be more guilty of spending money unnecessarily if you are making payments with cash.

4. Prepare For Grocery Shopping

Prepare For Grocery Shopping

As I mentioned before, small steps can take you the longest of the ways. Grocery shopping is one of those cases where you tend to spend more money than you need.

It is a common practice among many people where they go to buy eggs and come back with ten more items.

This usually happens when you are not sure what exactly you are supposed to buy. To solve this, look through your pantry to see which are the items that are actually lacking, and make a list.

While shopping, strictly stick to the list and only buy the items that are listed there.

If you need eggs, just buy eggs! DO NOT come back with packets of french fries and nuggets. You can also join some of the loyalty programs at your regular departmental store to get some extra cash back or coupons at every purchase.

5. Minimize Eating Out

Minimize Eating Out

Going to restaurants or going for take-outs most days of the week is the main reason why you fail to save money each month.

Home-cooked foods are not only good for your health, but they are far less costly than the food that you get at restaurants.

If you still feel that you need to eat out, just reduce the frequency. Go out once a week or once in two weeks. This way, you can still satisfy your guilty pleasures while saving a considerable amount for yourself. Also, try to fetch some of your credit card benefits and rewards at the restaurants where you are eating.

Skipping on drinks and desserts can also help you save some bucks on your restaurant bills.

6. Restrict Online Shopping

Restrict Online Shopping

Online shopping is the worst way where your money gets unnecessarily spent. The amount of money that I have once personally spent on online shopping could have been funded for a good trip to the Maldives.

Online shopping apps will constantly tempt you to buy things that you do not need. But with marketing that good, you get convinced anyway.

I am not asking you to completely stop shopping online; that is a hack that even I couldn’t master. All I am saying is to limit how you spend on online shopping apps. Look for sales or offers where you can get the products at much lower prices.

Also, do not spend unnecessarily. If you are a Gen-Z, it’s high time you learn that you don’t need it just because it’s cute!

7. Reduce Using Gas

Reduce Using Gas

By saying this, I mean limiting how much you are using your car. Using the car regularly may cost you a lot of gas money. Instead, try to use public transport.

Take the bus or the train for your daily travels. This way, you can save a large chunk of the money that you used to spend each month.

8. Start Budgeting

Start Budgeting

Budgeting is one of the most effective ways to save money.

According to experts, it is much easier to save money when you have an order of how much you are earning, where and how you are spending, and how much you are saving.

Keeping a record will also help you stay in line with your spending habits, and you can limit yourself as to where and how you are to spend.

9. Decrease Your Electricity Bill

Decrease Your Electricity Bill

Yet another successful way in which you can save some extra bucks is by reducing your electricity bill. Do not unnecessarily keep the lights or the heater on.

Turn off the electrical appliances when you are not using them. You can also switch to more energy-efficient appliances. This way, you can comfortably use the appliances and, at the same time, save a bunch on the electricity bill.

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The Bottom Line

The very first step to saving money is to question yourself on how to save money instead of just thinking that you need to save.

Saving might seem quite challenging at the very beginning, but it gets relatively easy once you are on board. There are many other ways of saving money; however, these are the ones that personally benefited me.

Saving methods may vary from one person to the other depending on their incomes, expenses, and saving goals.

I am hoping this article was helpful to you and you will finally get serious about saving some extra bucks at the end of the month.

If there is anything else that you need to add, feel free to drop a comment below.

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